Florinel coman

  • Has anybody got any strong feelings one way or the other with him? As a teen he was linked with Chelsea in a potentially huge deal but that's gone quiet. Inter are apparently interested.
    He looks the bees knees in his highlight reels but firstly you have to take into account the quality of the opposition and secondly he appears to be yet to break into the Romanian senior side, which I w would of expected a genuine quality 21 year old to have achieved

  • i think hes actually a fairly solid prospect but possibly with a ceiling...i dont know why anyone would buy him over Hagi?

  • Held him over a year ago on similar rumours and might have moved up a few pence before i got rid with bordeome... without concrete evidence on moving to a PB league i'm not sure if I would be willing to take the gamble again yet??? Only 9 goals in the Romanian league which is steady but not astounding... Can't think of any decent Romanians since the Hagi era of Popescu, Petrescu, Dumitrescu, Raduciouou to hit the Premier League...? Oh Mutu!!!

    That said FI works in strange ways and just by mentioning him on here today he should rise by 10p at least????

  • Definitely some question Marks like, think I'll pass. I've done really well lately but my portfolio was down to 7 players so it's definitely time I added a few. He was just one name on my shortlist

  • I hold, mainly because of the links to Chelsea a year or so ago. He was labelled by Steaua as the Romanian Mbappe and there is said to be a 100 mil release clause in his contract but i'm not sure on him myself tbh.

  • @ChintzyMoon I always think it's impossible to gauge a player from clips or highlight reels, particularly when u know the opposition isn't the best. I only even bother with them to get a feel for the type of player he is, but the fact that a player with a £100 mil release clause cant get a game for Romania tells me hes a huge hype job

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