CHO back on the rise

  • 🤗 let’s hope it continues for the people who bought when he bottomed out

  • @GregT14 risky buy if you ask me, even at this price. It is a terrible injury he picked up and for a player who's game is built around speed and fast twitch movements you never know how he will recover. I don't hold any CHO but just from a human perspective I hope he comes back better than ever because you hate to see that happen to anyone. However with my investors cap on their is a high chance he isn't the same player when he comes back and that makes it a hard buy for me

  • Yeah I understand there is certainly a risk to this purchase. Haven’t bought too many of him and I don’t plan on holding onto him going into the next season.

    He is constantly in the news though so pinning my hopes on in continuing to rise for now

  • @TraderJ whilst you are correct here, the market doesnt work in a logical way.

    There will be so much hype around his return and I wouldnt be surprised if hes more expensive than he was before he even takes to the field again. Its just the way the index works, see the Ox, KDB, mendy, Neymar and how their prices have moved following an injury.

    Traders will be looking at his price prior to the injury and use that as a base, however illogical that may be. (I hold, missed the crash so will sit tight and look to sell on next season when he returns)

  • @Wilba yeah this is a very good point, I think if I was in your position I would continue to hold as well. I'd probably sell though just before his return if he sees a big rise as I'm not sure what his PB potential will be like following his return

  • I just sold my last 300 shares in him yesterday and I'm not going to rebuy until he recovers and is playing to his potential. It is similar to VJ. He got injured and tanked, and everyone jumped off, including myself. He is on the rise too, but I'm not getting back on him until I see him playing regularly and getting good scores on PB.

  • I think a lot of the hype has gone from Cho.
    We've had the rises leading to sub appearances,then getting on the pitch and then scoring a goal and the England call up etc etc.
    The thing is he didn't look anything special once he did get some playing time and the more I saw the more I thought hmmmm 🤔and I was a holder.

    Yes maybe some money to be had as many want to get in at prices cho hasn't been at for a good while but he at the moment is damaged goods and so early to even consider a purchase.

    Yes I am missing out maybe but this is a damn nasty injury.

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