Best RW investment?

  • Summer investment for a right winger. Whose best?

    Lozano vs Zaha vs Sancho vs Any other Rwinger you know

    My guess is Lozano. He's scored seventeen goals two seasons in a row, going to leave his league. He's cheap. He almost joined United a a year back or so. They need a RWinger. lot of room for growth. Will get linked soon.

    Any other views?

  • Difficult to gauge from Dutch League football if Lozano can step up to the bigger stage. Id look to International and Champions league stats and they arent so hot. Big clubs had oppurtunity to get Lozano last season but passed up. He should a great short term hold as Id expect him to move somewhere or other.

  • Sancho is the best of those 3, it's just if anyone can make Dortmund an offer the can't refuse.

    I'm not sure on Zaha- at the moment it looks a classic case of main man at a club...if he joined a club with other main men i dont think he'd come to much. If he was English....

    Lozano i've rated for ages, but gave up recently and sold. Possibly too slight for premiership and then i heard Wolves were interested so PB and MB chance decrease. If he does go to Utd/Chelsea/Arsenal though i will have made a big mistake!

  • I’m long Lozano but i’m even longer on Carrasco. Any half decent team he turns up at should see a neat little increase.

    Sancho worries me, I owned a couple as a price tracker but I worry about one season wonder syndrome.

  • Sancho is definitely the best bet. Phenomenal stats for a teenager.Dortmund are playing hard to get but if the money is right they have a long history of selling. A Sancho tug of war is ideal for MB over the summer. And one thing is for sure is Wolves won't get a look in. Definitely go to a big club if he moves.

  • Sancho looks the business and by all accounts, he's got a great attitude and mindset. Don't think it would harm his development being at Dortmund for another year but can imagine someone like United going in big for him.

  • Zaha plays on the left more for us

  • @LuaLua
    Odegaard.. . Value for money.. .

  • Trossard- another PB punt on a non pb league player. If he moves to a PB league i think he will be decent for GnA but also PB depending on what team he joins. Linked with Arsenal. In Belgium squad.

  • Ihlas Bebou. Doubt the star man for Hannover this season despite only playing 10 games (3G & 3A) will be going down with them. Release clause roughly 15M and had Jurgen Klopp praising him before his injury. Wolfsburg interested and Gladbach want him as a Thorgan Hazard replacement should he leave. An absolute steal at 0.38p imo.

  • Well the obvious would be Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt or Michael Gove.

  • @AbuOG
    He's risen 10p already just today.. i think will rise considerably more..

  • Brais Mendez

  • @Zola25 What timing I guess! xD Gladbach sporting director dismissing terms were agreed with Hannover so far, so it looks like it might drag on till after the season is done. One thing's for sure, he'll have a few suitors after him

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