B.Silva increase.

  • I’m very greatful for the price increase as I’m at 11% ROI even at quick sale.

    Couple of questions.

    Do we think the increase is due to tonight’s match and people may be thinking he’s going to tear Utd a new one?

    Would you sell up at 11% then stick it on a MB player for the summer promo?

    Fanks in advance.

  • @Millerman I'm guessing it is a combination of tonight's game and maybe people think he will generate some MB in relation to being on the PFA shortlist, but I think that is a long shot myself. He's a good player but I don't think he has returned many PB dividends so far so it may be his game just doesn't really suit it but I have done much research on him tbh. However if you have and you think there is much more to come from him then stick with him, if you think he is at the high end of his potential price value then sell up and stick the money elsewhere :)

  • He got a mention this morning in a completely different thread that's probably enough

  • He got a good mention on Talksport in the FI 5 minute segment.
    I presume that had something to do with it.

  • Well flogged them and after commission it’s a 12% return. So happy with that. Only held him 10 days too.

    Nice when you can get a quick turnaround like that.

    Question now is who to stick it on. Do I buy more rashford after buying him this morning. Or sterling?

  • his performace against Liverpool and more recently Tottenham was just sensational.

  • He is a class player. I think he's been Man City's best player in the big games. His performance against Liverpool was phenomenal. He's becoming Guardiola's go to man.

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