When to sell Pepe

  • Pepe is at his highest price on the index amid links to Liverpool and Chelsea. I'm interested to hear holders plans, do you think he'll rise even further as the links become stronger and are you hoping for some summer MB also? And will you hold or sell if he moves to the premier league?

  • Been thinking the same currently got 12 % ROI and not sure how much higher he will go.

    I wouldn’t be holding onto him though, will be selling him as soon as any deal is near being announced. I hope he can reach the £2.90-£3 mark and I’ll be happy

  • @GregT14 and @BlayneB why wouldn't you hold, he comes to the prem he will rocket up and not only that he has quite a good PB, will defo earn MB following a 69 mil move. Some players move and prices moves heavily but there not suited to the PB system, Pepe is

  • @Shippers

    The money I have in him I need to take out in the summer as I have it earmarked for something else. That’s part of a 3 man portfolio of players I only intend to hold until the summer as they all have transfer speculation around them and I expect them to move.

    I then have a separate long term portfolio with less money involved, unfortunately do not have Pepe in this portfolio

  • @GregT14 fair enough and we all have different strategies so not mocking the way you do it but I would defo consider him as a PB player. He is quality. He tore PSG a new one the other week.

  • I sold 75 to market last week but still hold another 300. I think I’ll hold until we find out where he’s going. Prem I might keep but anywhere else and I’ll sell. As regards to his pb I’m not convinced due to him being pen taker and Lille had a lot this season, he may not be on pens at next club

  • @Shippers 10 man psg though, and he didn't win too much pb in ligue 1 and it will probably be more difficult in the premier league for him to win pb.
    It's a tough choice for me tbh

  • @BlayneB he's scores have not been to bad to suggest he's not going to win in the future and all at 21. I can guarantee people didn't anticipate sterling could produce the PBs he now gets. Obviously does depend on player and manager but he certainly has the potentional. Agreed it was with 10 men but it's still PSG

  • @Shippers he’ll be 24 end of May

  • @Shippers he's 24 next month believe it or not. I've no doubt he'll win pb every now and again but he could be winning it at a much lower price?
    If he moves to Liverpool I'll more than likely hold as I think his price will rise a bit more with them initially atleast.

  • @BlayneB and @Gregolocky2018 my bad I stand corrected but my point still stands he has alot of potentional and even before he's peaked. Also under Kloop he will be managed well and you only have to look at Salah and Mane's performances each week. If he goes to Bayern it's a guessing game I suppose but he's definitly going to be a big player

  • @BlayneB I hold at 49% ROI. Will sell at peak, hopefully, of transfer rumour if moving outside the Premier League. If he joins one of the top 6 in England i will hold. I think :)

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