Morgan Gibbs White - Wolves

  • How high do we rate him ?
    How high can his price rise ?
    Will other clubs be chasing this summer ?
    Will it help if he plays for England U21's this summer ?

    After all the huge rises in Cho, Sancho, VJ, Dembele, Felix, Foden, among others, when do we think that MGW will get his turn, currently trading at £1.23 seems like a bargain imo, he's 19 years old, English, played at all levels for England U16's U17's U18's and U19's
    Boothroyd has already stated that he might be included in Euro U21's this summer.

    Nuno Espirito Santo has already stated that he's goingto be world class and among Cho, Sancho and Foden as England's future stars.

    This is not a pump, I'm more intrested in your opinions, and yes I have purchased some.


  • @Andy-M Very talented boy but a transfer looks a way off given he’s an academy boy getting a few games. Almost guaranteed to rise in the event of a goal!

  • @Timothee-Atouba Think he'll be a regular next season.

  • I said I wasn't going to add any more players to my portfolio but I've got him in, I really like him - looks a very decent player.

    Odds are stacked in his favour, long term replacement for Moutinho although hes more of an attacking midfielder. He will play more next season, get a call up I reckon and his price will shoot up. Well, that's what I'm hoping! ha

    Another one to keep on your radar is Mason Mount. He's a class act. Quite cheap at the moment, it just depends where he is next season. He should get a loan to another prem club if he doesn't get any game time at Chelsea.

  • @NewUser225537 yeah i like Mason Mount too, my only concern would be game time if he returns to Chelsea, a loan to a lesser premier league club would be great for him and holders.

  • I sold him a couple of days ago... No real reason... Just made some profit so took it while I could. Good player getting regular playing time.

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