Zaha, Grujic and Aouar

  • How far do you think these could go? I've invested a decent amount of shares in these.

    Zaha opened a can of worms with his desire to play CL he might get some MB too.
    Grujic heavily linked with a move away - Currently at 0.66.
    Aouar - I will always remember how Pep said how incredible he was after they played against each other. I'm convinced City will go for him.

  • Zaha, with his talent, should be a £2.50-3 player. I think if he was at a Liverpool or Tottenham then £3 is easily reachable for him

  • @Static talent doesn't directly correlate with price. Don't pedal that.

    @NewUser225537 Yea i think they all seem like dece buys. Zaha should win plenty of mb come summer and if the grujic can get a move or at least continue to get linked his price will probs rise. dunno about aouar.

  • @NewUser225537 Aouar is class. Good pb game too. Hardly a bargain but should make a big move to a huge club, probably next summer.

  • Zaha apparently has a sell on clause in his contract from when United sold him to Palace, I only see that as a bonus for more media therefore zaha is more attractive as a MB transfer.

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