Seamus Coleman

  • So with the news that Seamus Coleman is returning very soon ( I'm guessing he may be worth investing in. Currently sitting at 84p surely he is due a decent enough rise if he gets back to the sort of form he was on prior to his injury. I'm not expecting his price to go mental but surely to sit somewhere around the 95p/£1 mark would be achievable?


  • He should win the odd PB as is likely to contribute a lot going forward as a defender and will no doubt have a spurt in price growth when he's back playing.... I wonder if at 29 he's missed his chance to get that 'big move' that was once expected of him and because of that he might not reach the 1.50 benchmark that say Danny Rose is at... He's capable of scoring goals though and a spurt of form once he's back could easily see him touch 1.00+ so buying now you should certainly get value for your money!

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