Championship team of the season

  • Two exciting full backs that will be plying their trade in the Premier next season, Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons. Pretty well certain that they will both retain starting places.

  • I'd watch out for Norwich love-been linked to Ryan babel!

  • talented lads.

    But it will be very different marking Martial, Willian, Bernard, Sanchez, Salah, Anderson etc than the likes of what they've been up against this season.

  • @Moukoko said in Championship team of the season:

    I'd watch out for Norwich love-been linked to Ryan babel!

    I doubt that, the recruitment policy is not aimed at players in that age bracket.

  • @Moukoko As a Norwich fan, I wouldn't trust that source. They tend to just regurgitate rumours. We won't sign him. The policy is to seek out cheap bargains (probably from the continent). Emi Buendia for example was signed for 1.5m and is now probably worth 10x that. I would be surprised if any of our signings are 'names'. Most have been completely unheard of.

  • Daniel James not listed in that team of the season - I guarantee you he is in a Premier League squad next season.

  • Really like Max Aarons but I said that about Ryan Sessegnon last year and he ended up costing me a few quid so might just bide my time with this one?

    Like @Klobo of the Canaries not mentioned (and considering they should be playing EPL PB league football next season) I do like the look of Emiliano Buendia who is quality in the final third...

    Others missing out on that list I do like Wilson & Mount on loan at Derby, Phillips, Harrison, even the Keeper at Leeds... Swansea's Daniel James, Brentford's Neil Maupay and Brums Che Adams to name a few youngsters that can all step up and do a job!!!

    Oh and Jarrod Bowen at Hull!

  • @dannypea Fulham brought in too many players they didn't need over the summer and sacked the manager that brought them up. I wouldn't expect Norwich to do either based on how they appear to operate and I think it will be a fine environment for those young players to develop.

  • @NewUser303261 totally agree.. i would like to think any teams that go up will learn by the mistakes made by Fulham... in my opinion there isn't a lot between the bottom 14 teams in the Premier League and probably the top 14 of the Championship... Any team can top that table of 28 with a decent run a couple of additions and bit of confidence so Norwich don't have to pull too many strings if they are to stay up... Not saying it's not a difficult task though as they'' have to be on their A game every week!!! A lot of late goals have saved Norwich this season... without those it could be a different matter especially a step higher!!!

  • @dannypea yeah I agree with that analysis. I think even if they do have struggles I hope and suspect they wont hit the panic button.

    Sessegnon has underwhelmed this season, but I think there a lot of promise and potential growth.

  • How did Ben Godfrey not make that team. He's an England international in the making. Brilliant season and some well timed goals too.

  • @BarbayanBrawler I agree.

    Just noticed this piece of news as well.

    He is a wanted man.

  • @Gazz127 class act this lad. has the Ferdinand style about him.

  • @BarbayanBrawler Funny you should say that, I believe Godfrey is represented by the company that Rio Ferdinand is involved with. Rio occasionnaly promotes him on Twitter.

  • @Klobo Ben Godfrey IS the real deal as a centre back, I know this as I have watched 20 odd games he has played in. As for FI, I cannot say for sure, who can? I am more sure that he will be get a senior cap though, and pretty soon judging the way Gareth Southgate works.

  • @Daz-Sparks Well he is already playing with the England U20's. With promotion all but secured, it seems innevitable that he will make the step up to the U21st next season. After that, who knows...

  • @dannypea

    Think you're wrong there mate. Big gap in class.

    If you plucked 4th to 8th out of the Championship and put them in the PL, sure they would win a few home games, but overall they would be outclassed most weeks.

    Simply down to money and squad strength. Teams come up, often with a few unknown players, a good game plan, and being up for the scrap. Hence some good first seasons....then year 2 hits them.

    Compare my lot...west ham, to say Villa or Derby.

    Villa have 2 stand-out performers. One is on loan. Derby have 3 on loan from PL teams. As inconsistent as west ham have been, the bench has had Wilshire, Antonio, Hernandez, Diangana, Diop, Perez, Nasri on it. And we've a Lot of injuries.

    Take those Champ's teams to Everton, Watford, Leicester...or Newcastle and Southampton and the extra quality tells.

    I think Norwich have a decent style. Will it be enough ?
    Leeds play a high press game under Bielsa that only has a chance at home games.
    Sheff Utd. ? Best they try and get those 3points they wanted after tevez.

  • @Munchie63 I'm not saying you're wrong as its all down to opinion (there are sadly no facts) but I'm going off what teams in the past have done and off what i see week in week out from the two leagues.. FA Cup, League Cup, there never seems to be much gulf between the better Championship teams and the Premier League teams from anyone under the top six in my opinion... Take your lot in fact.. you lost to Wimbledon didn't you?

    Now i'm not saying that if West Ham don't play Wimbledon 10 times they won't win 7 or 8 matches.. But 'with' the same level of investment any of the top ten or fifteen sides in the Championship can go on to finish high in the Premier League.. take Wolves as prime example who won the league last season.. they are currently seventh and ask anybody this time last year who watched Championship football they would have told you Wolves were the seventh best team in the country last season too!

    Now I get it doesn't work for everyone.. take Cardiff (who are there for the ride) & Fulham (who have invested badly) this season but in recent times Newcastle, Bournemouth, Burnley, Watford, Leicester (remember them) have all done ok after promotion... My point is that bridge isn't perhaps as wide as it used to be?

    As for Villa's stand out performers.. you forget that the likes of Miles Jedinak, Glenn Whelan and Tommy Elphick, Tyrone Mings, Alan Hutton, Neil Taylor and James Chester have all played comfortably in the EPL.. whilst John McGinn and Conor Hourihane are more than capable... In fact I would argue they even have a better bench than West Ham?

    A lot of Leicester's league winners were Championship players.. Schmeichel league 2... I remember watching Vardy at Halifax in the Northern League.. Wes Morgan at Forest in the third tier.. Andy King played in three leagues with Leicester.. Danny Simpson always did well in the EFL... My point the quality is already there... but some clubs I appreciate are better equipped for the higher level football.

    I actually think Norwich would struggle and I think should Sheffield United be promoted they'll go straight back down.. If Leeds were promoted however they might throw cash at it and have enough of a blend to do ok.. Villa for me would be the ideal team to test the theory on as with a bit of cash spent they could easily be top ten. The example of Derby i agree is that they rely heavily on Lampards contacts and loanees... But my point is more about these sides being capable of winning more than enough matches against teams at a higher level and in my opinion.. If Derby played West Ham ten times between now and the end of the season the results would be very close indeed in all ten matches!!!

  • @Daz-Sparks

    Reece james !!! Although he been applying his trade in midfield Lately

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