Milot Rashica

  • Goal and assist in the space of 2mins v Bayern tonight.

    I was tempted to cash in on him as I was worried he would drop off over the summer but surely some big clubs will start being linked with him?

  • He just went up about 10p. I can see teams sniffing around, but as he's just broken into the team he should be loyal and stay another season. Still a good hold long term tho.

  • He's class. If Robert Skov can be £1.18 then so can Rashica. They're the same age but Rashica is consistently doing the business in the Bundesliga, which is a considerably higher standard than the Danish league. Goal and assist against Bayern Munich in the cup tonight too. He's also recorded good PB scores and PB wins already. Really don't understand how he's only 80p when you compare to others.

  • @Yellow I was thinking about the skov comparison myself. But shush will yas, I invested a few quid today and split it between 3 players and rashica so narrowly missed out. Its gonna have to be next week now, hope he doesn't rocket just yet

  • @Yellow yep proven player at a much better standard than Skov. Also won pb already a couple of times plus a star man. Prices should be the other way round really, I own both but am much more confident in Rashica.

  • I have both Rashica and Skov but I must say I have the hots for Skov and have steamed in big. Don’t know why but I just have the feeling someone big is going to take a chance on him. We shall see.

  • @Le-Blanc Pretty sure every single forum user has skov at this point ahhah.

  • @Yellow don't worry he's rising slowly but surely and I think there'll be transfer links this summer he's too good not to be linked with some of the big clubs!

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