He’s Off

  • What are the chances of The Pog hanging around for another season without Champions League football? I can hear his Agent’s wallet opening already. 😁😁

  • 0_1556138651860_upload-bdcb2099-fe06-41ee-92e2-c0bd4744353a
    Still very much in it. Depends on chelsea game.

    United have
    Huddersfield A

    Chelsea have
    United A
    Leicester A

    Arsenal have
    Leicester A
    Burnley A

    Whoever wins chelsea man u gets 4th imo

  • Couldnt even wait for the game to finish before starting a thread that will reduce confidence

  • Unsure if Pogba is worthy of Champions League football to be honest.

  • @Le-Blanc just think of the MB £££

  • That 51p spread is probably helping hold his value. He's in the running for mb tonight that would be a welcome reminder to those looking to sell!

  • We should all settle down, it’s not people selling 1s n 2s that are effecting his price. It’s us, the bigger holders, purchasers.
    We are playing against each other instead of helping each other and the 1 and 2 purchasers.

    Imagine joining with 25 quid buying a pog and ur 50p down. Don’t kill the golden goose, we need the small investors to become big investors

  • @NewUser297678 on the contrary my dear fellow. My inference was the opposite. If he spends all summer looking for a move his price will soar and he will be winning MB on a daily basis.

    Do stay calm old boy and think a bit before steaming in.

  • @NewUser297678 .....with just under a couple of thousand shares in the dear volatile Frenchman attempting to destroy confidence in his price would be a very odd approach would it not?

  • @9stevo that was the point! 😁😁👍

  • @Le-Blanc good man, a few people's heads appear to be falling off here!!

  • @9stevo indeed. Perhaps I should have made my intentions clearer in the current climate. 😊

  • @Le-Blanc if he drops any more I'm defo going to top up ahead of the summer, 5 places of MB £££

  • @9stevo no question. I could be proven foolish but I personally have no doubt whatsoever that he will be the king of the summer and we shall be sailing in a sea of green. Ooh how poetic. This red wine stuff really works! 😊

  • with his media presence and the way his agent likes to make noises I can't see it being a whirlwind 2 day transfer saga. Utd will hold out for a big fee. The agent will try to play off fake interest from PSG and Juve, Then Madrid will try to get Pogba to ask for a move in the hope of bringing the fee down.
    All the while MB keeps rolling in.

  • He's just gone top of the media table even after that disgraceful showing tonight, he was absolutely anonymous!!! The man is a media magnet and a license to print money!

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