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  • @Earshavewalls You can beg to differ all you like, but the Market is growing. That is a fact.

    Your trying to spin a hypothetical theory, about new members leaving or might want to leave, but the numbers, all of them suggest the opposite. You argument is empty speculation that is not supported by the numbers.

    Argue against factual numbers all you like, but they speak for themselves and I said my piece on this so I'll bow out of this topic for now.

  • @NewUser303261 what factual numbers? Yours are as hyperthetical as mine . As much as yours are based on FI pumping or the like, mine are based on other forums and their members posting how FI is a con and steer clear cos I lost X amount. Gamblers are fickle and unless they see immediate results will move on to the next big thing, and take their money with them.

    Neither has any solid evidence it's just you prefer to trust in the holder of your investment and not see a bigger picture, so yes I will beg to differ and happily wait to see what strategy FI follows to increase growth.🎣

  • @Earshavewalls The market is growing, even after the post correction dip the market is growing. That is not hypothetical.

  • @NewUser303261 So are My Tomatoes, but I'll get the same amount next year if I don't get more plants and those plants aren't looked after and nurtured.🍅🍅🍅

  • @Earshavewalls Maybe start looking after your tomatoes, maybe you could give your long term tomatoes a yearly loyalty bonus but take away your new tomatoes chance to significantly prosper by getting rid of the share spit? And then go on to say "who's to say new tomatoes who invested n big players post ss won't see a significant growth in 6 months time" when your arguement is about doing away with share splits?

  • @BlayneB argument is to reduce share splits. Helps if you read the thread properly, and the share split at present only benefited those who had shares prior, the new 🍅will only benefit now if they hold and that's just to recoup the losses they have already suffered. I suggested a share split at a ceiling at which investment of new investors levels out. Plums are rife!!! it's a share split I think ,I certainly wouldn't entertain sharing your spit Sir what kind o guy dya take me for?🎏

  • It is a market. Markets go up and down. The overall trend on FI is up. That is excellent.

  • @Earshavewalls lol...i suggest you look into the tech boom/bust of 99/00 to see how the financial markets are just as susceptible to 'artificial frenzies' with catastrophic outputs.

    Also do delve further into 'major news' which are often unwarranted forecasts, big business speculation and many other non substantive elements which are akin to manipulate the markets.

    To compare the infancy of the FI market to the established financial markets is not a like for like scenario - as yet. Will FI be in the same vein in the years to come ??

    I would disagree with the view that corrections are needed on FI = the core business deems that natural corrections will occur in off season periods, the scale of which quite rightly the FI directors are trying their best to minimise by the promotions, deposit bonus and new dividends. The fact these initiatives are being executed in a timely, transparent and informative way to the the trading community can only be a positive factor to those seeking to make informed trading decisions.


  • @TOM201 it isn't a natural trend for any market to continue to grow. It has as you say for four years and with its present customer base it can only grow to its consumer potential. Eventually everyone who has the opportunity to invest will have invested. They would be at their limit of investment and that means a slow down ,unless you are suggesting every gambler is gonna dump Betfair, Ladbrokes,bet365 etc and migrate to FI.

  • @TheFearlessFox @TheFearlessFox What you are suggesting is the FI continue to roll out various cloaked dividends and promotions which serve only to attract short term investment. The commission earnt then shows as increased revenue on FI books and gives yourself and others the false impression of heady growth. Yet if you do the maths using any of the top ten as an example , the dividend offers are, as I suggested cloaked. If you were to experiment and take a top ten player and calculated the dividends earnt however they are promoted against capitol growth ,factor in commission and you would be lucky to break even for the period of any promotion. If you consider the option on of IS and check how the spreads are set , especially at the top end of the market, you would find they fluctuate to a point where any dividend earnt is digested by the spread. Overall this means that after a SS or dividend promotion anyone investing is effectively locked in for at least in my estimation for 6 months before any realistic profit may be realised, but for the promotion run time you would need to be extremely lucky to escape with a profit.

    So to conclude : You stated that corrections are not needed as they happen naturally in periods and then go on to add that FI integrating new dividends etc is a good thing. New dividends and share splits are corrections that are not natural. As explained above they are tools to attract a boost of investment and a means increase the capitol flowing into FI that serve little benefit to investors as a whole. It is an illusion that any dividend will cover capitol loss long term so basing any strategy on any dividend is blinkered and if you do the maths it is fact. It is also impossible to make informed trading decisions if you are unable to do the sums and get to the facts. If you neglect to do this you are relying on luck.

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