How About a football index transfer window?

  • With spreads being bizzare at times and when You sell to the market sods ław the price goes up after You sell!!! I think ive fought of a great idea to Improve the platform... a trader to trader transfer Window... How It could work is this

    Each trader has a portfollio of the players he wants to sell which he can add and remove at any point...

    If a transfer takes place the trader with the cheapest player pays the other the difference in money and the 2 players are swapped during a Window period ideały when the site is quiet like in the last week!

    FI being the agent charge 3p each trader per share swaped making them 6p per trade helps keep the gamę fluid and Improvement to the social aspect Of the site and platform get to knowing your trading partners and freshens Everything up.

    Whats everyone think?

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