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  • Hi Guys

    I've been on the FI for a couple of months now and i'm still trying to get my head around it all but it's good fun regardless! I was just wondering how many players/futures some of you guys have and are you making any money? I have 11 players and 191 futures and am not seeing a great return at the moment but it's coming in slowly.
    I suppose you have to invest heavily to see a good profit like in any investment but i was just wondering how other FI Traders are getting on.

  • I will like to learn too. I'm lost. Bought a few players but don't know when to sell. I've got some money coming in daily but nothing to be excited about. I want to know what I'm not doing right

  • What profit rate are you looking for? E.g.. 1% return a month? 5%? What's your model? Growth, performance divs, media divs?

  • i try to keep it fun on here. i like to own loads of players, & chop & change all the time. usually take profits too quickly but cut my losses quickly also.

  • Stay a year observation your mistakes then invest with knowledge and learn by the errors youv made

  • @Noirx4
    Hi - Like anyone i'd like to see all of my players in the green but i know it doesn't work like that! If I've invested say £500, i'd want to see around £50 profit pcm but what bugs me is the money you lose when buying or selling futures. It seems like you should invest big and sit it out for a few months and pray for a return!

  • @NewUser93040 Yes i think that's the way to play it to be honest. Just noticed I've lost £15 in one day because Mahrez and Coutinho bombed! Buying and Selling constantly isn't working for me so i'm just going to sit it out and see!

  • @Robbo1978 I think 10% return per calendar month just isn't realistic in the current market. I think most traders are doing between 1-5% per month depending on tactic. I'm generally turning over 2% a month on my dividend strategy.

  • I spent time monitoring the index but decided on my strategy on 13th October 17 when I felt I'd sussed things out a bit more. I'm currently up just over 23% so averaging about 7% a month.

    Of course, it's hit and miss. My current portfolio contains a lot of red.

    I'd also stress that 23% in the time frame is far higher than I had anticipated.

  • @Robbo1978

    If You flip It cost 6% to sell instant or 2% to sell to market If You sell to market the players in demand and rises so either way You lose best tactic is buy busz players łow & never sell till 3 years are up. Most flip hence why FI can do this more You sell the more they make hence the xmas offer and to be honest It was a great offer as It was a free chance to rotate my players. Its a Good website got my thumbs up!!

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