Lorenzo Insigne off to the Prem?

  • Booed by home fans and his relationship with Ancelotti is not good and he reportedly wants out of Napoli. Valued at around £60m with a number of clubs linked to him, Chelsea, Liverpool, United, Milan. Klopp has said Liverpool will not sign him so possibility to link back up with Sarri at Chelsea? If they avoid their transfer ban surely he will walk into the Chelsea XI with Hazard on his way. @ £1.31 seems like a good buy as a move to the prem will generate some buzz and could see him well on his way to the £2 mark?

  • well, he could walk in if they didnt have a transfer ban

    But Chiesa is also getting boo's along with Bale and several others but that doesnt always mean they will all move.

  • Watched him the other night, he’s not very good spends most of his time either offside or cribbing at the officials

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