• £200 to invest today, who should I buy and why? I would dearly value sensible input. Thanks in advance.

  • @Daz-Sparks is it for long term or a quick flip?

  • @Dan-w I'm building a port Dan, so probs more long term, but open to quick turnaround options.

  • David Neres..... lowest he’s been for awhile. If they beats spurs it will rise quick. If not he will still have the transfer buzz in the summer.

    Yes I own a significant amount of shares, yes this is a shameless pump 😂

  • @GregT14 I concur with your view 😅

  • Dropping in some more funds tonight... Not decided on who yet. Probably top up Vlasic... Hasn't really had a spike yet which should be inevitable when he approaches the end of his loan and comes back to Everton. Good PB player in a non-pb league... So whether he stays at Everton or gets another move, his price should increase.

    For £200 I would certainly be looking at around that price bracket so you can buy lots of shares and start adding value quickly.

    Petagna worth a look... Very good season with Spal... Young Italian striker heading back to Atlanta from his loan spell. Their key striker, zapata, was only on loan so Petagna could step up... Otherwise he probably gets a transfer. Too good not to be playing.

    El Ghazi... Heading back to Lille from his season on loan to Villa. Could fill Pepes boots or get a transfer

    (spot the theme!)

  • @Waardle

    I’m bloody desperate here 😂😂

  • James Rodriguez, not staying at Bayern and Madrid will be selling him.

    Will have many suitors, so will generate MB over the summer, but more importantly the guy is absolute quality when he starts consistently, his game is also suited to FI( Lots of passes and touches for a CAM)

  • @Meridismo04 -as well as James Rodriguez I would look at Griezmann. Bayern Munich reportedly interested and just over £2. Won PB twice this month too.

  • A few shares in Timo Werner should earn you money. Chance of IPD for 30 days to take it to end of season then you’ve got his transfer in the summer for Media buzz & a increase in his price.
    If moves to Liverpool it’ll rocket.

  • Personally there are a couple players I would look at pumping into.

    De Ligt - Ajax captain will be on the move end of this season can also get goals and will be in the media for sure over the champions league window as well as after due to the transfer buzz around him. Also still in the nations league so he will be in the media all summer

    David Neres - Dropped a lot recently although will pick up when they play Tottenham as he always has a goal in him and could certainly pick up one against Tottenham. Transfer buzz around him with reports of Liverpool and Arsenal wanting him a move to the premier league will see his price increase nicely.

    Nicolas Pepe - Looks like there are a lot of clubs wanting his signature majority being premier league clubs. I have no doubt he will be on the move. Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and a few others are wanting his signature a move to the prem will again see his price rise.

    Timo Werner - Quality striker, rumours floating around where he will go next Liverpool seem to be a keen buyer although Munich are also after him. Does not want to sign another contract with Leibzig so is on his way out this summer for sure.

    Christian Pulisic - With Hazard on his way out (it looks like) Pulisic is on his way in. I read that he is being brought in due to media reasons. He is also very young and by far Americas most promising talent. Will 100% attract media attention when Hazard leaves and will be in the first team for sure next season.

    Christopher Nkunku - Young 21 year old from PSG. Refusing to sign a new deal with PSG and has been linked with Arsenal Unai Emery knows a lot about due to his time at PSG and we know Arsenal will be dipping into the transfer window this summer. Quality player would make a quality signing also. 100% on the move.

    Paulo Dybala - Great player, the rumours circulating shows that his time is up at Juve. Even more so if Felix signs for Juve. Ronaldo being Portuguese will probably influence Felix to join forcing Dybala out. Has not had regular game time and you would think a player of his quality would not like this. May be suited for clubs like United and Madrid as both these clubs are in need of sorting there teams out. If he moves to the prem his price will increase a good amount I can see.

    Lorenzo Insigne - Looks like he wants a new challenge although he is the club captain after taking over from Hamsik around a month ago he did say he wants a new challenge and will be looking at any offers he receives in this window. Links are Chelsea and Liverpool therefore due to the media mainly being English at the moment this will be great with the increase of his price.

    Houssem Aouar - Young player playing for Lyon at this moment. Klopp seems to love him mentioning today:
    “I wanted to inquire before answering you. Liverpool loves Aouar. But there are no concrete discussions for the moment,”
    “Regarding the Aouar dossier, the whole of Europe is looking at it, but it will accelerate in May.
    Young player with a promising future a lot of reports came out today about Liverpool making a 'huge push' to sign him.

    Wilfried Zaha - We all know how good he can be. Mentioning recently he wants Champions League football therefore, suggesting he wants the move. The top 6 all want him probably suited to Tottenham or Liverpool but could move anywhere a lot of buzz will be around him in the summer. I expect him to win the top 5 media buzz this summer a few times.

    Saul Niguez - On Peps list as well as Ole this summer quality midfielder and certainly could get a move to either one of the Manchester clubs. Has recently dipped in price so could be a good time to make a move.

    Luka Jovic - Tore sh*t up for Frankfurt this season. They also mentioned that if Real come in for him although just signing it will be hard to turn them down. They had a loan option to buy for 6 million and could offload him this summer even though they have just signed due to the huge profit they would earn from him. I believe is still in the Europa League so could still earn a couple dividends but for sure a player that will score goals and could even be on the move.

    The last player I am going to mention is Youri Tielemens. Quality player that has done very well whilst being on loan at Leicester. If anyone has played FM or Fifa Career mode we all know he was a wonderkid and he certainly has proved that this season. He has not only attracted Leicester wanting his signature but Man U are also involved in the many teams wanting his signature with Pogba on the way out and the possible revamp of the team he could be a perfect fit and a starter next season for them if not definitely could be at Leicester for sure.

    Hope this has helped anyone. These are my opinions and the reasons are why I believe this. Enjoy the read ahaha

  • @benmorley24 Thanks so much for this Ben, I appreciate the detail and length of your reply.

  • @Daz-Sparks No worries, thought it would be better to actually explain why instead of write names haha

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