Worst Buy?

  • Just wondering who everyone's worst buy has been? Mine is KDB, bought 80 futures at £7.14 originally that went to 240 with the SS, haven't won a single dividend with him and slowly watched his price go one way while near the whole platform went the other. Bit the bullet and sold half my investment at a lose while still holding sum in the hope he will perform as the player I know he is. Big problem is his injury record, but it has been a learning curve as I have stayed away from similar players like Coman & Bale, who struggle to put 10-20 matches together. Just so frustrating knowing the calibre of player I know he is, but just doesn't replicate on FI. Not far behind him is Goretzka who had dropped over 70p so I thought was a good buy with his PB scores, bought him 70 futures in old money but he continued to dropped. Ended up injured not long after and hasnt really got back into the Bayern team. Still confident he will rise but will likely be next season, don't want to sell at a loss now.

  • I've had a few shockers in my two years on the platform and although I am in good overall profit, I took a big financial hit on Bale having bought him in the summer, and lost patience with him in January at a loss. If I'd have practised what I preach (patience) then I'd have reaped the rewards three months later!!

    Most of my current holds are doing really well now, as my port is focussed around young, up and coming players (Szoboszlai, Zaniolo, TAA for example). However, one of my existing holds who is frustrating the hell out of me is Marco Asensio - currently -17p down per share having held him since the start of the season with 0p dividend return.

    I guess, like most Real Madrid players, he's just had a season to forget, so hopefully he'll see a rise if/when he either gets some transfer spec, or plays to his potential next season because he is a brilliantly exciting attacking player who is technically suited to PB if he gets a run of games in a successful team.

  • Lukaku and martial. Bought them when utd had a good run of form. Plummeted ever since. Still holding. Might get a few summer MB from them.

  • Anthony “ grumpy balls “ Martial.

  • Actually done well myself to avoid Martial, looked at him when United were flying and he was the one player I thought looked under valued, definitely a bullet I missed there!

  • Martial bought him before SS when he had plummeted back down from over £9 to £7.95 (£2.65) and thought he had levelled out, now he is 82p further down to (£1.83) £5.49 old money. Don't know what to do with him. Will he recover or is he finished?

  • @Stewarty One of the first players I bought back in December, I too thought he looked crazy cheap given the price of Rashford and dembele at the time, I felt his ability and club should have placed his price somewhere between those two. Sure enough, his price started rocketing, and like a plonker I just kept hold. I think he got to around 50% up, now holding at a loss. I would top up, but he's one of my larger holds already. Patience is key. As is striking whilst the iron is hot.

  • @John-D Martial is definitely not finished.

    I think that most of the United players look shaky at the moment but there's a bit of turbulence at the club. With a couple of intelligent signings and shipping some dead weight there are certain players that can thrive at the club.

    Martial, De Gea, Rashford, Lindelof, Pogba (given he stays) and Dalot fall into this category. Some of the others... not so much.

  • Martial for me. Couldn't hit a ban door with a remote controlled car. Sick and tired of watching him out his face down and sprint then be out of breath for 10 minutes. Instant sold. The world has been a cheerier place since.

  • Fomo purchases of extra pogba and neymar shares on media announcement day right at the top of the price.

  • Firminho for me, £100 loss so for him and looking to cash out and cut losses during PL/CL close season.....

  • For me it's rashford down 23p and that's only because I topped up as he was dropping. I do belive he will rise again but I think it's gonna be ages before I can see me getting my money back, never mind making a profit on him

  • Ronaldo for me. Consistently dropped since the share split

  • The buys i didn't make...

  • @NewUser125668 said in Worst Buy?:

    Ronaldo for me. Consistently dropped since the share split

    I actually think he looks a tempting price at the moment. Juve have got a few easy games left if I remember rightly, and aren't Portugal in this tournament in the summer? Could be some media divs. Given his court case, already out of Europe, there's only his age that can affect his price negatively now, and I'm sure he'll be linked with United in the summer, just like every other summer.

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