May the 1st be with you...

  • Ok I know it’s the 4th but sounded good in my head (Star Wars nerd)

    So I’ll be honest and my plan is that I’m selling g a few shares at the moment building a pot/deposit to buy with after the the latest bonus comes in!

    What I’m asking is what is everyone else’s thoughts?

    Big increase on the 1st? Drop from a sell off or stay the same?

    Like to see what people think?


  • But selling now will decrease your bonus...

    Undecided about the first...

    Some people will have overstretched their budget to get the 10% bonus so will withdraw

    Some will just put the bonus straight into shares

    Some will withdraw just the bonus

    And hopefully some have stockpiled cash ready for the next bonus and will pile in big

    .... Not sure which camp I fall into yet. On balance hopefully there is a positive movement on the 1st but could be very volatile

  • There's no doubt some people will cash out their bonuses, and that some will immediately pump it back into the market. There's no way of knowing which side will be the most influential on prices until midnight on May 1st!

    As someone who's written off the first stage and saving my funds to get the most bonus out of stage two as possible, I'm hoping for a big cash-out and fall in prices. I doubt it will happen though.

  • Yeah I admit I’ve not invested anything this month actually negative I suppose

    Just thought there was too much of a spike and hold all the top boys

    My money is going all on £1-3 market transfer and future after May 1st

    Seems hard to predict what will happen at the mo

    Every day a different crop of players randomly rising 10-15p for no real reason 😂

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