Puzzling? As Ever.

  • Pb divs as confusing as ever, Quincy Pommes scored once , El Haddadi 2goals and 2 assists.

    Quincy Pommes 199.
    El Haddadi 141.

    The point of the game is creating and scoring goals at one end and stopping goals at the other end. GK save penalties ,stop a goal possibly earn their team 3 points , get nothing. Seems the scoring system is not reflecting what the game is about.

  • @Earshavewalls It is a puzzler indeed. The only reason I can think of why Promes has outscored El Haddadi is because he's performed better on the scoring matrix that is available to everyone. A bit out there I know, but it's the only thing I can think of.

    Seriously, this came up the other week with Felix after he scored a hat trick and still shit out on pb. Promes has made 4 tackles plus a couple of other defensive contributions which El Haddadi hasn't. El Haddadi has also only attempted 23 passes and lost the ball for half of them which will have counted against his score.

  • @Earshavewalls at least both these players are on. Where is ilicic tonight?

  • Ignore me hes playing in copa Italia 🤣

  • @Earshavewalls You get 40 points for game winning goal so as other team didnt score the first goal counts. Still silly though.

  • @Wb 0_1556223791161_1555020702821-upload-dcc52b9f-8873-44e6-986e-3bc65a41c2d1.png

  • @Wb As I say it throws up puzzling results as it happens I'm on both so 😀days.

    It reminds me of the pass completion and assists that everyone was larging about when Fabrgarse was at Chelsea. Hed make 100 5 yd passes at 90 % which means naff then get dispossessed in midfield in most cases costing a goal. What stat is more representative of his performance.

    My 5 ye old could pass it 5 yards at 90%.

    Just have assists, goals scored, penalties saved for goalies. Hang on !!!we have that !!!except for goalies 👀 isn't it called IPDs.
    So scrap PBs wack the pb money onto IPDs and add penalty saves ,solved🍻🍸

  • @Wb said in Puzzling? As Ever.:

    @Wb 0_1556223791161_1555020702821-upload-dcc52b9f-8873-44e6-986e-3bc65a41c2d1.png

    I find the first sentence at the bottom interesting 👀

  • Yeah they probably can't afford opta prices and have got Mavis in the tea room doing it for em. Would explain a few of the outcomes recently.🙆

  • Apparently Promes was playing at left back or wing back so I guess he saw a heck of a lot more of the ball and racked up the points.

  • Rules are rules and we have to run with them but I am sure they would be better served overall with a simpler points system.

    What if we merged IPD/PB dividends and had ,as I mentioned previously :

    Match Performance Dividends - Have to purchase shares as PB currently ( B4 2pm on Match Day)

    All Players playing 45+ Mins would be awarded MPD payouts as follows:

    Outfield Players.

    Goal - 2p per Share.
    Assist - 1p per Share.


    Penalty Save - 2p Per Share.
    C/S - 1p per Share.

    MPD Top 3 would be the biggest dividend earners of the day and pay

    1st Place - 3p per share!
    2nd place - 2p per share!
    3rd place - 1p per share!

    Results of a tie would be decided by age , favouring the youngest player.


    1/Less errors in payouts as statistics required are less complicated as is dividend payout structure.
    2/ Easier to understand for everyone !
    3/ GK/Defenders become more relevant on FI !
    4/ Underperforming players are less prominent on FI !
    5/ No dividends paid to any investor not holding prior to 2PM. This cuts out buying in on goalscorers during the match and selling just after midnight. Flipping!
    Media Dividends or BUZZ Bollocks as I like to call them could be adjusted to make them more relevant to football by keeping payouts the same but having the rule that a media winner must have acquired a MPD dividend during that days match. So if a player hasn't a game on any given day they can't win media. On days where they do have a match they have to earn MPD dividends to qualify for Media Dividend payout They don't have to come in the top 3 MPDs but must have either scored,assisted,Kept a CS or Saved a Pen. As long as the player has had some media coverage and earns an MPD he is able to win MB.

    Pogba wouldn't have won many media divs going on his recent on field performances. Whereas Hazard, Messi etc would have had their fair share. The only downside is the CHO situation as he wouldn't have been eligable for Media after the injury or for the foreseeable.

  • @Earshavewalls
    We had a big chat about his the other day. Currently a lot of people have bought players having taken the time to read the rules and understand them. It wouldn't be fair to now change them to suit others unless done very gradually, every announcement has a massive effect on the market so people who have used the current rules could face their portfolios getting hammered.

    I didn't watch the game last night but Promes would have beaten El Haddadi even without the extra points for game winning goal, it seems El Haddadi did very little apart from his goals and assists apart from constantly lose possession.

    The point is often raised that it's goals and assists that win games which is true at base level it there's a lot more to it than that. Iheanacho had a fantastic goal record for Man City but I imagine his scores were poor because he did nothing else, now he struggles to get in to the Leicester side. Someone like Fernandinho doesn't score many but is absolutely crucial to the current Man City side, his contribution is every bit as important as the likes of Sterling and Aguero's. I haven't looked it up but I imagine Kevin Nolan had a better goalscoring record than Iniesta or Xavi, who did a lot of short distance passes. Passing often gets overlooked or even ridiculed as pointless but the top midfielders control the game for their team, why shouldn't they be rewarded?

    I did say before that the scoring system isn't perfect. Game winning goal is a nonsense and serves only to tip the balance in FI's favour by introducing more element of chance to the scoring. I think assists should be weighted a bit more and maybe something for creating an opportunity. However these are the rules and the stats are easy to find. I'll go back to Felix again, he was shown to be absolutely horrendous for pb scoring and get people still complained that he didn't score well. I'd suggestvtaking the time to see how you can exploit the scoring in your favour by finding players whonare suited to it rather than being surprised when someone scores poorly for losing possession almost every time they get it and contributing absolutely nothing defensively.

  • @Earshavewalls please not this again. I don't think you found one person in favour of this on the last very long thread .

  • I just wish FI explained all the rules and point scoring before I chose which players to invest in......oh wait

  • @ScouseSte Thats merely covering them selves if Opta whack their service fee up, that FI can bail out to another company (whoscored etc) without investors saying nobody told us

  • @Kaned-again move on if your not interested ⏩

  • @Earshavewalls same could be said of you repeatedly pumping the same bad idea every few weeks. Everyone hated it last time and I'd wager anything you fancy that the response will be the same again.

  • @Earshavewalls was it 2 assists ? I was only paid for 1 and 2 goals

  • @Jad1982 2 assists and 2 Goals I got paid .

  • @Kaned-again If you don't agree then fine and the idea is not the same it has been adjusted to include many of the ideas and preferences highlighted in my first topic. Maybe doing your research and reading up on a subject would enable you to not only become a better trader but a more informed and interesting poster , just saying😉

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