Angel Gomes

  • Any reason hes not getting as much attention as other united youngsters? (I do hold some shares)
    Hes pacy, skillful, good interchanges when going forward and can spread the ball.
    Or is he too far behind Greenwood at the moment?

  • @GA I think maybe he's just a bit to slight of frame for the first team, can't see anything else holding him back. If he hits the gym over summer, bulks up a smidge, I see him being Mata's successor.

  • Yes i agree, just gone back and had a look on him and he does look a bit small. But like you said maybe over summer they will work on his frame, hes got bags of talent, one for the future no doubt

  • @Jimbob seem to remember people saying the same thing about a young Messi . Not that I'm saying he has a hope in hell of hitting that level but size isn't everything. Well that's what the mrs tells me anyway 😂.

  • @Kaned-again He'd be getting a lot more game time in a Spanish or Italian team I imagine, but he'd need to bulk up for the rough and tumble of the premier league. Easily done, just get the club canteen to make him the same tea as Lukaku.

  • @Jimbob ha 1 part tea , 3 parts creatine, 12 parts testosterone. Last thing we need is another player more suited to the wwe than the premier league.

    In all seriousness though I think another season in the reserves will do him no good . Not ready to be a part of the 1st team yet. Best case scenario would be a loan in my opinion.

  • I think the problem is he's only 5ft 3!

    That's a tad taller than a hobbit 🤔

    He did well at U17, U16 & U15 level but as they other kids got faster, taller, stronger I think he has found himself pushed down the pecking order.

    The physicality of the PL doesn't help his cause. Has anyone in the history of the top flight ever overcome such a glaring physical disadvantage?

    Even Messi is listed as 5ft 7.

    It's like a child playing football with men.

  • I think at 18 he needs to be pushing towards the subs bench and training with the first team, hell be 19 in summer. But obviously game time is key, I wouldnt mind if he went to a premier league team

  • @Ericali Hopefully he has a late growth spurt. It could work to his advantage that the other kids have a physical advantage over him for now, toughen him up perhaps. Seems like forever ago since he made his debut.

  • I don't think height has been an issue for him. His movement on and off the ball is ridiculous and his passing is outrageous, far better than some of the players in the first team. He's been smashing it in the U23s , just look at his recent performances.

    Angel had a bit of time out last season due to injury problems which has hindered him a bit but he still has massive potential. He'll more than likely go out on pre-season tour with the first team which could see him rise a bit. It's up to him whether he impresses or not.

  • Transfermarkt are more generous with him and given him 1.68 (5ft 6 ish).

    I grew an extra inch from 18 to 19 (only in height unfortunately) so he could end up not being too disadvantaged height wise.

  • @Oliver-P agree with your point regarding height. Something that will of helped him too is he's been training on and off with the first team for a good 2 years now and he's spoken very highly off. As you say he will be good to see him in pre season tour and hopefully be allowed some game time in the cup games which I think Ole will give him

  • @Ericali 3 of my favourite players ever, juninho, Zola and kinkladze cant of been much bigger

  • @MickTurbo
    Juninho = 5ft 6
    Zola = 5ft 6
    Kinkladze = 5ft 9

    All according to Wiki.

    Disclaimer:- I've personally not measured them 😁

  • Me neither bud but I think the stated heights are very questionable. I've heard juninho called 5ft 6 in the past but as somebody who watched him live in the flesh for years I'd say no chance

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