Depositing £200

  • Hi, I’m a new active user. I’m gonna deposit £200 to get a feel for the market. I’m thinking of spreading this over young up and coming players I like. My question is is this a good idea or is it better to lump on one player? I’m looking to deposit £500 a month afterwards if I get a good understanding of the index.

  • Lumping on 1 player is extremely risky. Look at the recent drops in Hudson-Odo, Moise Kean or Lozano for example.

    A minimum portfolio of 5 would be better. Personally, I would look for a portfolio of 10 players with summer transfer links. Look at the sub 40p list on the forum. There are some good value players to be had.

  • Cheers for the reply. Yeah, spreading seems the more sensible option.

  • @NewUser73295
    exactly what i did, be aware the market moves in waves. I was left frustrated when the neymars kept going up massively and all the lower priced didnt move.
    Now the youngsters are moving all the top holders are complaining.

    no matter how much you think you know, You will learn a lot in the next 6-12months, good luck

  • spread over the 3 positions for pb, mb players, transfer players and hot prospects. Then you will cope with any sudden drops in any type of player.

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