• Played in Coppa Italia last night. Goal and an assist, obv don't know his PB score but his base is 90. Single game day on Monday at home to Udinese. Long term aswell, Atalanta will be in EL next year. 44p, good value hold.

  • @BarbayanBrawler

    Cracking player, always posts excellent PB scores.

    Illic and Gomez run the show when they play together.

    Unfortunately, Illic is 31 years old. Which makes him a risky hold for many on the index.

    Also, Atalanta only have 4 games left in Serie A, two of which are away to Lazio and Juventus.

    My advice would be to wait till next season before investing for IPD over a 30 day period.

  • Did someone mass dumping him or am I missing something? His price was rising today as he has a single gameday tonight and then boom he dropped 4p. seems strange. Also i see he is linked to Inter as Perisic replacement.

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