Jhon cordoba & Bernard tekpetey

  • Done a little bit of looking and just bought both the above. Both in bundesliga 2 with good chance of being promoted and possibly a move maybe . Tekpetey scored 10 plus 5 assists in 28 apps and Cordoba scored 16 plus 3 assists in 28. 23p and 26p onky so thought worth a punt

  • @Schmitcattaxi I have been holding Cordoba and Terodde for a fair while now. Both should increase before the start of the season. It's getting really nervy now since FC Koln's real slump in form but luckily all the top teams in bundesliga 2 seem to be losing!!

  • I very nearly created a thread on bernard this morning but didn't have enough time to copy and paste all the stats about him.
    Hes a bargain imo. One of my few players that I expect to keep for at least 2 years!

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