• A young Brazilian with regular assists playing in the most frantic of leagues is having a super first season for Watford, OK he is missing a fair a few sitters every now and then but is getting in the right positions........currently at just under £2, surely a good chance of growth with regular starts, inevitably the big clubs will be monitoring him.... And of course for the iconic Brazilian sounding iconic name to boot....... :-)

    Anyone with thoughts of downsides to him, please do share ??

  • Completely Agree - Nearly always plays 90mins and GWG favourite for Watford. Not long before the big teams come sniffing and £2 will turn to £3+

  • I agree however maybe Time to buy nearer the summer If still this price or lower i brought and sold him once the price slowed down however i think hes a fair buy

  • The downsides are that his and Watford's form isn't great right now.... I got in at 2.07 and he's now worth 1.97 so not great.... But I believe he can be as good as anybody in the EPL and have already gone on record as saying he's the best Watford player since John Barnes!!!! And I don't normally make outlandish statements like that!!!! I think he'll get a big money move and be a massive player over the next few years and with that comes price growth so i'm sure he'll make us all rich!!!

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