Cheap players to sit tight on

  • There are quite a few to be had but i'm going to highlight 5 that I believe will be profitable in months to come.

    Kurt Zouma - Currently trading at £0.33. Would appear that he will be returning to parent club Chelsea in the summer due to their transfer ban and has also regained his best form since leaving Stamford Bridge. Will most likely be a starter as he will return to be their best CB and the futures of Christensen and Cahill are uncertain. On the flip side, Everton could well pull off a miracle and sign him causing a potential flurry.

    Valentino Lozaro - Currently trading at £0.46. Dubbed the best Austrian since David Alaba. Recently reported that various premier league sides are interested in his signature with Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester already sending scouts to go watch the player. Certainly looks destined for bigger things and will most likely be moving to a bigger club in the summer.

    Alex Telles - Currently trading at £0.53. Top of Simeone's transfer list. A reported fee has already been agreed with Porto in the region of £35 million and will be finalised in the summer. Will certainly lead to an increase in exposure due to playing in a more popular league in addition to exposure in the champions league.

    Lewis Dunk - Currently trading at £0.33. Lots of speculation surrounding his future at Brighton with them struggling to retain their status in the Premier League. He is far too good a player to stay where he is, current England International and is continuously being linked with a move to Liverpool and Tottenham. Expect him to move this summer.

    Daniel Sturridge - Currently trading at £0.40. Will almost certainly be moved on in the summer. Spurs see him as a possible Llorente replacement but don't be surprised if he ends up at a team like Leicester as he still has a lot to offer. Will likely do well after his move as he has a point to prove so expect a price rise.

    Hope this helps and proves to be fruitful.

  • Roberto Torres. 30 year old midfielder playing for Osasuna who are six points clear at the top of La Liga 2, on penalties and free kicks. 7 goals and 5 assists in his last season in the top flight, 11 goals and 3 assists this season. Only 21p.

  • Axel Tuanzebe 43p starting to gather momentum

  • I think Benjamin Pavard is ridiculously cheap still at 65p, off to Bayern this summer too, so price should go up. Definitely one to be patient with.

  • Chaise matuidi?
    Sofa-ine boufal?
    Any player from Chesterfield??

  • @SecretTrader
    Pasalic kovalenko lazaro ndiaye

  • In my portfolio I think : Paco Alcacer - 80p David Alaba - 73p Lucas Digne - 78p Dan Axel Zagadou - 70p Jonas Hoffman - 52p Leon Goretzka - 76p Ciro Immoble - 67p are all looking good value I will be holding al of these for the foreseeable future!

  • @Advinculas-Index can get into the in form Championship team when fit.

    Side note I've 98% got play off semi and final tickets 😀

  • Tierney of Celtic? Young, talented, FM beast? He'll get his move to the big leagues this year or next. Only 64p and my first purchase on here.

  • Depends what you class as cheap? To me Odegaard is unbelievable value. Finally turning into the player Madrid thought he would be and looking like being at Ajax/Madrid next year! He’ll always be in the news due to the hysteria around him a few years back!

  • -Maxime Lopez, 21, Marseille, PB beast potential, linked with Dortmund, 0.87p

    -Junior Firpo, 23, Betis, very good PB player, linked with Man City among others. 0.72p

    -Joan Jordan, 24, Eibar, very good PB player, linked with Arsenal, 0.57p.

  • @NewUser60452 Leon goretzka is the anomaly on the whole site!

  • @Dannybeavs said in Cheap players to sit tight on:

    @NewUser60452 Leon goretzka is the anomaly on the whole site!

    Why is that Danny? Just asking btw, no sarcasm in question whatsoever.

  • not sure Zouma will return to Chelsea. More likely another season on loan or some bench warming. Liuz, Rudiger, Azpa will be above him, maybe even Christensen too.

    Telles will move I think. Any source for the Athletic rumours ? Simeone's style of play wouldnt suit him and would he stay on Penalties ?

    Sturridge I can see going to a mid/low Prem team. Again...any source for Spurs looking at him as I've not seen a thing and if there had been links I think he's price would've already inflated. Plus, Spurs will want to spend bigger than injury prone Sturridge imo

    Dunk has 1 England cap to his name 6 months ago. He is well behind the other CB's inc Gomez and the possible rise of Tarkowski and Godfrey.

    great to share ideas, but seems like a hunch and a pump without any other info

  • Riyad Mahrez at 71p.

    There have been rumblings that he is unhappy with playing time at City and may try to get a move. A move to another team could lead to some great chances of PB divdends.

    Alternatively an injury to someone else or another player tranferring out could leader to greater playing time at City. Even a short run in the team could see a nice jump in price at the start of next season.

    The guy is a serious talent and I think sooner or later he will be back in a team somewhere and racking up some seriously good scores.

  • Julian draxler, up for sale by PSG. 81p.
    Prem links will be coming.
    Definitely going under the radar

  • @Munchie63

    Plenty of recent transfer rumours regarding Telles to Athletico as Lucas is leaving and Filipe Luis out of contract.


    I would hope Simeone will play a slightly more expansive style. Not sure who is on penalties at Athletico currently but I would expect a good uplift when he moves to a PB League. Could he get to this sort of price?


  • @Tom77

    Superb shout

  • @Comrade His name was banded around loads a few years back, always in the news, what was his story Comrade, and do you think his PL time is coming?

  • @Comrade said in Cheap players to sit tight on:


    Superb shout

    Was he linked with Arsenal before? Definitely need him.

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