£100...quick turn around?

  • Afternoon peeps...after selling a couple of players todays for profit, I have £100 sitting here for 2 cheap players for a quick turn around...thoughts at all please?

  • whoever that vespian fellow mentions next

  • @gball1975

    Hans vanaken.. must buy!


    Ihlas bebou


    All will rise..

  • Plea BMG.

    Good chance of scoring this weekend. 1 IPD nearly covers commission.
    Should rise
    2 of the bottom 3 in his next 3 games

  • Murgia at Spal... Starting more games recently. 21p so £50 will get you something like 250 shares. Low risk as 1p spread 1p commission

    SPAL play genoa at home who are below them... Then chievo away who are below them... And final game at home to Napoli who have nothing to play for and have gone off the boil a bit.

    Hes a b2b mid, played evrry youth level for Italy and will be returning to Lazio at the end of his loan spell. 22yr old I think

    Most importantly he was great on fm18.

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