Is it worth loading up on England probable World Cup Squad now??

  • Let’s dismiss the 3 keepers as no value and go with total of 26 man squad:-

    Cahill, Walker, Stones, Bertrand, Rose, Keane, Dier, Trippier.
    Lingard, Henderson, Alli, Loftus-Cheek, Sterling, Chalobah, Cork, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wiltshire, Llallana
    Vardy, Kane, Rashford, Sturridge, Abraham
    Total price for 1 share each = £40.08 (buying no keepers).

    Would we get a 25% capital growth by WC quarter finals (then sell out) as being optimistic we will get that far - but no further.

    Let’s pray Kane keeps fit..


  • That is 25% after spread and FI commission.

  • If you think Wilshere will make it just load up on him mate haha. He’ll get 50% growth easily if he does! I’ve not been here long enough to comment on your actual question so I’ll leave it to the ‘vets’

  • Henderson????

  • It'll be interesting to see how things pan out for the England players in the run up to the World Cup. I'm not sure now is the time to "load up" so to speak. You don't want to invest heavily in someone and then have them pick up a serious injury which would wipe out their price. Also most player's prices will likely go up and down between now and June. I'd maybe earmark the ones you expect to do well and wait for the right time to buy and then jump in. A bit more work involved but should result in a bigger profit margin.

    I also think you're being incredibly optimistic expecting England to make it to a quarter final :P

  • Wilshire's ankle appears to have gone again last night as he was subbed.....I think Loftus Cheek will make the squad so have taken a punt on him at the £1.50 mark....Lallana is a good shout....

  • maguire, carroll ... bit too soon

  • I've invested in Will Hughes with a very small chance he will be picked.

    I'm a Derby fan and the lad was unbelievable. He finally got a few games for Watford and was great, then he got injured. If he plays regularly and well for Watford for the rest of the season, Southgate may gamble on him.

  • If it was treble media buzz all through the tournament then i would say it was worth stocking up on certain england players but because findex are doing PB which means single media buzz most days in the early stages (england will prob be out in the latter stages anyway lol) Then only headline grabbing england players like Kane, Ali, sterling, Rashford Mixed with the super stars is the way to go imo.

    Neymar, Messi, Mbappe all these players who could grab the headlines and smash pb

  • I think any England players or players that have a sniff of playing for England will be good assets to have (take Harry Winks who despite being a bit part Spurs player would still be a profitable investment to anyone that purchased him before his England debut). I wouldn't bank on 25% growth for all of them but you will certainly make more than you lose by investing in the England squad players for the tournament? Just remember to cash out the round after the group stages when we are knocked out!!!!! ;-)

  • Can't see those strikers going.

    Kane, Vardy and Rashford are as good as on the plane.

    Abraham and Sturridge I'm dubious. Think we'll take one other striker, which will be dependant on form/fitness. If he stays fit, someone like Carroll could go as he offers something different. Personally, not a huge Carroll fan as I think he's a bit of a liability.

    I'm also unconvinced by Chalobah and Cork.

    My money would go on Stones, Loftus Cheek and Rashford I think - all likely to go, all young and will improve in price regardless of WC.

    I'd be tempted by investing in a dark horse as well but not sure who. Maybe Cresswell who could sneak in the squad if he plays well at West Ham?

  • One thing i've noticed about Southgate is that he has confidence in the players he utilised in his U21's... So maybe players that featured heavily under him at that level will get the call ups? Not sure on the stats of those that played most under him but maybe worth doing the research because he's not been afraid to put them in above more experienced players (who he's not been shy to leave out) if recent games are anything to go by.

  • a quick look and Southgate regularly featured the likes of Pickford, Butland, Chalobah, Chambers, Ward-Prowse, Loftus-Cheek, Nathan Redmond, Michael Keane for the U21's and I wouldn't be surprised if over half of those go to Russia?

  • I agree. Picking the surprise call up is a big MB win if you can do it. As Southgate was an ex-under 21 Manager he has more knowledge than most of the England youth setup. As an example i can see him picking a squad comprising of Stones, Maguire, Mawson as well as the likes of Foden and Rashford. Pickford in the mix as well but who buys goalkeepers (England GKs tend to get MBs as they have a lot of work to do)

  • Think I am going to put some money on Nick Pope

    Doing good at Burnley and could be England's number 2 keeper

  • @NewUser114617 said in Is it worth loading up on England probable World Cup Squad now??:

    Think I am going to put some money on Nick Pope

    Doing good at Burnley and could be England's number 2 keeper

    Pope will probably return to the bench when Heaton gets fit

  • @NewUser114617

    I could see Pope sneaking in the squad. If not for WC then maybe a bit later.

    I wont be buying him though. GKs have no value on the index

  • @NewUser114617

    Not understand the logic on buying Nick Pope? Maybe a dingle? Ive friends who support Burnley and they are doing ok but dont let your views and bussiness mix. Why wouldnt i buy Pope? I maybe wrong but firstly how will he get MB unless he makes a howler in the World Cup? Plus he Has to get to £1-15 to quality for MB by getting in the 1st team from sqaud.

    Then once You see hes not gaining anything You will want to sell finding a buying in markets going to be hard and the spread is 3p for him plus 2% Commission to sell hes one of the shares the big traders aint happy about It drops us trading! Ive been stuck with ogbonna and sissoko both see No returns and the spreads are OTT Has for goalies look at Lloris ive owned him at 5p more he just goes down and hes Had best defence in prem in front Of him even against Ronaldo & co on What was billed as the night Of the goalkeepers in the Champions League Spurs got a great result Thanks to him yet no good profits

    Only reason to buy is the hunch that a goalie dividend will be introduced when youd be a winner in a goalie rush frenzy however Has things stand theres better players whos figures move more

    Best look at opta charts and study form like at bookies and good luck

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head.... A goalie dividend 'has' to happen as not only will it give reason for us to invest in goalies it will give them a price boost that they deserve!! Any hint of this too could see a massive influx of investment on them which can also only be good for the game!!!

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