26/04/19 IPD Interest

  • Players that could be involved for tonight in my Port.

    Bordeaux F Kamano and S Kalu.
    Lyon M Dembele and B Traore
    Liverpool Alison.
    Leverkusen Havertz.

  • @Earshavewalls
    Lyon....Terrier, Depay,Fekir.
    Liverpool.... Mane, VVD.

  • 27/04/19 IPD Interest

    A Bilbao I Williams
    A Madrid Oblek
    Barcelona Messi
    Bournemouth R Fraser
    Dortmund A Isak
    Everton J Pickford
    Everton D Calvert-Lewin
    F Dusseldorf D Lukebakio
    F Dusseldorf B Raman
    Frankfurt Kostic
    Frankfurt S Haller
    Frankfurt Gacinovic
    Freiburg G Waldschmidt
    Hertha M Grujic
    Inter L Martinez
    Juventus M Kean
    Leganes Y En-Nasyri
    Leipzig T Werner
    Leipzig Y Poulsen
    Mainz JP Matata
    Bremen M Rashica
    West Ham D Rice
    Brexit FC B Johnson

  • @Earshavewalls

    There's more chance of Boris Johnson partnering Martinez up front against Juve tomorrow.

  • Easy Money !


  • @C-Arroyo We live in hope! Who does Boris Johnson play for again he must be one I missed off me port!

  • @Earshavewalls

    On AC : I like Cutrone, but he's not getting enough mins on the pitch. Piatek has been on fire all season.
    Don't own any AC players atm.

    On Inter : Prices make the decision for me up top. Politano is cheaper.
    D'ambrosio is a steal and creates chances.
    Vecino is out to stake a claim for a regular spot and will look to score.

    Juventus and Napoli look disinterested now both are out of Europe and will finish in their current 1st and 2nd places respectively. Both were crap last time out (though Atalanta produced one of the performances of the season).
    The rest have it all to play for - so I do fancy Inter, but my money isn't going into Martinez. I think he could explode in Serie A, but the Icardi issue has been tough for him. Split loyalties right ?
    I don't lose money on most teams, but Inter have been crap. I don't rate this manager at all. Could be worse though, Inzaghi gets the clueless award.
    Immobile to Liverpool ?
    I could see that, as well as Icardi to Chelsea.

  • @Earshavewalls I'm pretty sure @C-Arroyo is referring to the fact you've got Cutrone as Inter today, he's obviously not an Inter player and no matter who he plays for it won't be today ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Yes Guys had a moment there got AC and Inter mixed on me spreadsheet. Still interesting reading Italian press and depending who you read for your Serie A info Gattuso is as good as out and Cutrone has suffered under him. If however AC Milan stick with him Cutrone has suitors in Serie A and Premier League ( Tottenham). So he may not be eligible for IPDs tonight as AC are not playing ,but for me its an interesting hold considering price.

  • Plea at BMG 58p
    Two of bottom 3 in his next 3 games.
    Good goal rate, might pick up some transfer rumour as well.
    Rise plus IPD

  • Roma, Barca and Atletico could all score 3 or 4 today.

    I hold players from all 3 so hoping for a good day!

  • JP Mateta. getting some mentions elsewhere. Good chance of goals today.

  • @Ringers Got him ringers missed off the list , and Havertz played last night so he will come off.โ˜บ๏ธ

  • The fixtures look good for goals today.....

    Probably lots of 0-0s

  • @Ringers be about right๐Ÿ™ƒ

  • @Earshavewalls so our of my long list for Saturday I had 7 players returning divs and as far as I am aware Messi won the media. That does me !๐Ÿ˜€

  • @Earshavewalls

    Sunday 28th IPD interest.

    AC Milan K Piatek
    Arsenal Lacazette
    Atalanta M Barrow
    Bayern K Coman
    Burnley D McNeil
    Chelsea E Hazard
    Chelsea Kepa
    Chievo M Stepinski
    Fiorientina G Simeone
    Frosinone A Pinamonti
    Genoa A Sanabria
    Hoffenheim A Kramaric
    Hoffenheim Szalai
    Hoffenheim Joelinton
    Leicester J Maddison
    Lille R Leao
    Lille J IKone
    Man City G Jesus
    Man City Ederson
    Marseille F Thauvin
    Mettz V Thill
    Monaco A Golovin
    Napoli F Ruiz
    R Sociadad M Oyarzabal
    Saltzburg H Wolf
    Sampdoria Ronaldo Vierra
    Sevilla P Sarabia
    Sevilla A Silva
    Sevilla M El Haddadi
    SPAL A Petagna
    Valencia G Guedes
    Vallecano R De Tomas

    Obviously some will play some won't but as I don't know at present I chuck them all in.

    Good Luck with your investments today guys!

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