Retired Players on FI

  • Was thinking today about the big players and when they retire. We saw Messi drop recently despite picking up PB and MB in nearly every game, presumably due to the risk associated with him retiring in the next few years.

    So, what happens when he, and Cristiano retire? As well as other big media names.

    Still eligible for MB presumably with headlines associated with their new life and heritage.

    'Lionel Messi recommends young player', 'Cristiano Ronaldo' s son makes his youth debut', 'Wayne Rooney's son.... ' etc

    Will they still count in MB and what about other football figures.

    'Diego Maradona makes rude gesture to fans in WC'.

    Just curious. Zidane would have been an interesting case to study, as Media from his management and playing day references. IPO him? And Pele? Lineker? Gascoigne?

  • not got the terms to hand but you lose your shares when they retire/die

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