Right backs the way forward?

  • I could be mistaken, but should investment in right backs be the best way forward for the Summer? As far as I can see United are desperate for one, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea probably want an improvement on Azpilicueta or at least someone to give him competition (depending on transfer ban of course). Could create a bidding war as there aren't that many world class right backs out there in the first place waiting to be snaffled. What right backs do you think present value at the moment? (If my assumptions are correct of course)

  • Meunier seems obvious to me. More left fied would be dickmann

  • @NewUser284339 Max Aarons, quality right back.

  • @NewUser284339 not sure it needs mentioning but the fact wan bisakka has lit up the PL I think he has alot of summer speculation to come. Whilst dearer I think the big teams will look his way knowing what he can do already in the PL

  • I agree Wan Bissaka is a good shout. He is expensive, but there aren't that many options for the big teams to turn to. Have bought some tonight so thanks for the suggestion. I also like the Meunier suggestion. Seems like he is heavily linked? I'm a new player so still trying to work out who would be good value. I got stung by a few players this month, mainly Messi, so definitely looking around for advice not to make many mistakes.

    I don't follow much outside of England, but is someone like Hysaj likely to move to the premier league?

  • @NewUser284339 there is a pinned post at the top of the forum which will give you a good idea of strategies and how it all works. Weve all been burned but good thing is u can take that money (okay less than it was) and place it into someone who u feel can rise and return a profit from the original loss. Messi is a PB/MB magnet and yes over summer he may not receive as much media attention but still in September price will increase again I expect. In terms of Hysaj I'm unsure not seen much on him tbh. I'd rather not pump a load of players at you but with the 5 media places up for grabs throughout summer obvioulsy money is going into players who are gonna defo move or those who just get linked for the sake of it. One thing to note, careful of players leaving prem, whilst Hazard say has good PB and MB scores leaving prem feels like people will panic sell rightly or wrongly and we've kind of already seen it. Players coming into prem especially top 6 teams I would expect good rises out of these closely followed by some nice MB wins too

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