Kluivert, Under or Zaniolo?

  • Three brilliant young players at Roma and I'm definitely going to add at least one of them to my portfolio soon. Who do you think is the best value for money?

    (Don't care whether you already own them. Feel free to pump your own hold as long as you believe what you say)

  • I hold all 3 but rate zaniolo the best at the moment. Hoping Under gets a move, bought him hoping someone like arsenal come in for him. Kluivert has gone a bit quiet.

  • Under has been linked to Sevilla

  • Kluivert never had the spectacular season ppl were expecting. Still has time tho.

  • Wow, I really need to get more sleep, At a first glance i read Kluivert under or over 🤣🤣

  • I hold Kluivert and Zaniolo and both are doing nicely for me. Got to remember that both are still only 19 and playing regularly for Roma. How many other 19 year olds are getting so much football at such a big club?

    Zaniolo is the future of that Italy midfield for me though, he will eventually end up somewhere like Real Madrid and I can genuinely see him becoming a great player for Italy.

    Kluivert is part of a very talented Dutch contingency breaking through but is cheaper than all the Ajax stars and even cheaper than Malen at PSV! Go figure?! Definite value in Kluivert at less that £1, compare his price to other teenagers at big clubs.

  • @Static It’s incredible. Just highlights how the index revolves around current hype.

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