• Any info , erg website has a report on ex Goldman -Sachs traders launching before new season in "direct competition to Football-Index". Anyone else got any info.

  • @Earshavewalls I've put my name down to get more info, always interesting to see what the competitor's are going to do however i question if this will compete in the right way. It mentions Harry Kane and Tom Brady in the same sentence, two completely different sports so feels like it could be accross a number of different sports. Be interesting but feel there won't be or initially any dividends involved obvioulsy could be wrong though. If it is accross a number of sports that won't go compete completely against FI. Football index soley concentrates on the footie which i think gives it an advantage straight away as that's why we're here though that doesn't mean its a bad idea and will be interesting to see how it all works

  • well they are experienced in the trading market. With 3 and 7 years at Goldman-Sachs.

    But, this is a very new start-up venture and is very different it seems from FI.

    They have stated that it is a spread-betting site.

    'you can bet on Kane or Brday to play well...why not bet that they won't perform well'.

    So punter A bets that Kane will score / win...punter B says he won't.

    makes it a rival to FI but not IMO direct competition. There's no speculation around transfers etc to push players prices up. Merely performance based spread betting.

    TBH I have never got involved in spread betting. I've seen the rewards, but also seen mates lose badly so it's not for me.

  • This is from their recruitment advert and slightly different to what their founder had sad earlier

    *SportStack is a sports fintech startup based in Central London pioneering a revolutionary way to bet and invest in sports. We are engineering sport as an investable asset class for the masses and in doing so disrupting the archaic betting industry through our game-changing platform.

    We are traders, speculators and investors and we hate the fact that when it comes to sports we can’t do any of these things! If you can speculate on almost anything imaginable from stocks to startups to cryptocurrencies is it really too much to ask to speculate on sports and athletes? We don’t think so and are on a mission to prove it! SportStack believes that for many millions of people it is sports not stocks where their true interests lie - that’s why we are building a platform for people to start speculating, trading and investing in them! Founded by a team of former Goldman Sachs traders and sports betting technologists we are now looking to grow the SportStack team.*

    I've taken the liberty of highlighting the bits where they completely ignore FI exists.

    FI should be all over this in the media stating the opportunity Does exist already

  • I was a bit intrigued as the guys have a trading background which would be interesting to see how they set it up. Tried to get on the wait list through their facebook page which is there but doesn't seem to be functional at present.I suppose we will get updated as to its progress shortly.

  • @Earshavewalls The media I read on the ERG website stated it being a competitor to FI and mentioned FI throughout the piece. So Sportstack do appear to be targeting FI as its main or only competitor. The other thing would be they ,I assume , would have access to the neccesary funding in advance to set up and hit the ground running without the need for backing from crowdfunding or iseed. This would differ from FI who appeared to receive funding on the go making adaptions on the fly.

    I am not saying either approach is better but it could mean although there a four year edge between FIs startup and Sportstacks the gap in terms of the technology, software and experience, given where they have come from may mean they will be better prepared and closer to FI in terms of quality.

    Its all my opinion of course but I doubt this will be the last competitor to open its doors.

  • @Earshavewalls and @Munchie63 something else to note. FI have advised obvioulsy big advertisement is coming our way in the new season coinciding with this new platform so hopefully will just completely overshadow anything sportstack do. Something tells me FI may appear on a football shirt come the new season which would be quality.

  • @Shippers Hopefully that is the case and FI keep ahead of the game! Interesting times for sure.

  • Not sure but is this format on this site going to be they predict a points total on a certain player for that week and you can back it either way? Using their scoring system or was that a different company.

  • Day week month or season

  • Not that it matters but are those two guys married ?? Both surnames Smith, only one sounds like a German and the other is English.

    Just doing my detective work here, maybe detective @ScouseSte knows 😁

    Not really intrested in Sportstack personally, just great when people decide to go for the gold and create something, I'll not be investing, and I'm out 😉

  • @Andy-M maybe they are brothers and one had a brief time in Germany and picked up the language abit like Steve maclaren did??🤣🤣

  • @Dan-w Seem like a lovely couple, as my mum would say 👬

  • @Andy-M I heard a rumour they've been courting for a while now..🤣

  • @Andy-M nah I'm not wasting my time mate

    FI or DIE 😆

  • @Shippers said in Sportstack?:

    Something tells me FI may appear on a football shirt come the new season which would be quality.

    They already are - the mighty Bristol Rovers! They actually have a decent fanbase and a wealthy owner, should be doing better than they are.

  • @Hotspur said in Sportstack?:

    @Shippers said in Sportstack?:

    Something tells me FI may appear on a football shirt come the new season which would be quality.

    They already are - the mighty Bristol Rovers! They actually have a decent fanbase and a wealthy owner, should be doing better than they are.

    Interesting thread on their forum about the sponsorship

  • @Chris-J Ok Guys had a reply from their contact email address :

    'Thanks for stumbling our way! As you can imagine there is a lot to sort out with respect to regulation, licensing, and getting the product just right for our release. Not to mention the fact that we are building our tech stack from scratch and not taking any off the shelf platform parts in an effort to really re-design the face of betting apps! Initially we will just offer football (sometime Q3 2019), but have grand grand visions to branch out into other traditionally team sports, such as American football, basketball, baseball, rugby … even e-sports, tennis and golf are options!"

    So around late August launch by the sounds of it. Quick reply is always good!

  • @Hotspur hopefully a team that is shown on tv more would be ideal 🤣. Good spot though because I'm actually from Bristol and didn't realise that 🙈. Problem is with Rovers whilst they have a wealthy owner they kept players from when they got back to back promotion and it has probably caught up with them a bit

  • Starts in 2 days this. Sounds like spread betting with players. More gambling innovation. I see a few guys who are on here promoting it on Twitter.

    Ploughing lots of money into Fati is not a good option here by the look of it.🤷

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