Best day outside of announcements?

  • Today has been almost a perfect score... 9 strikes and a spare!

    +£500 (24hr)

    Pogba mb
    Havertz pb
    Salah pb

    Gna for salah, mane, dembele

    The £500 cap ap is nicely spread between a pogba/neymar revival at the top end... Havertz, pepe, brewster and Co in the middle bracket and some 🚀 cheapies like Ndiaye.

    4 months ago I made a deposit I thought risky at the time of £500 with a hope of doubling it in a year... Now (after several larger deposits) I've made it in a day.

    I think this has been my most profitable day outside of an announcement ☺

    Any newbies that may have taken some big hits this week... Stick with it... There is money to be made!

  • Well done mate!

  • Hell of a day that. I had a day last week where I made about £97 in pure cap app. Percentage wise I'm probably black catting u.

    Today has been my worst day to date but I'm not worried

  • @MickTurbo funny how that happens sometime. I remember I think the birmingham trader meet. A question was about weeks of straight losses.

    Adam Cole said may be for some but not everyone. He was right because I was thinking what the hell I've had a great 2 weeks

  • @Misto swings and roundabouts bud. That day I made £97 quid a lot of ppl were losing I recall. If I remember rightly pogba and sancho were bombing among others. Today I feel like the only person on the forum in the red but hey ho, itll come right 😁😁😁

  • BINGO day for me too with every dividend won:
    PB D
    PB M
    PB F
    PB Star
    and some GnA

    Not as much cap app though!

  • Had a healthy day too.

    £500ish cap app
    IPD on Havertz, Tah, Mane, Depay.
    PB on Havertz
    MB Pogba

    The cap app doesn't mean a lot because i was down last days, and could easily be down again today or tomorrow, hopefully not though 😁

  • I made my first big deposit a few days ago and taken a big hit on Odegard and Skov but everyone else is doing alright. I'm not too worried about either of them as i think they'll recover and do well next season.

  • @Journey Just be so very careful buying anything that's already had a hefty rise as those two stocks had.

    Luckily they are 2 quality players that in long term should deliver.

  • @Journey read here mate, should be a confidence booster for you, we've l started on the bumpy ride...

  • @Journey don't stop believing

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