• I thought it was a done deal with Madrid,would he be a good replacement for Ramsey?be expensive on wages but he’s on a free transfer surely should have a decent increase if he was to come to any EPL team.

  • I'd love him at Arsenal. Ramsey is (soon to be was) our only player that moves between lines... The others all seem to have one role... Xhaka very good deep playmaker but doesn't break forward and doesn't do enough defensively... Ozil good technical advanced playmaker but doesnt track back or get in the box enough etc.

    Rabiot would be more like Ramsey... Trust him on the ball deep but can also get involved in the final third.

    I have 200 shares he's starting to climb a bit quicker just as I was going to start loading up

  • Transfer summer saga on the cards now. Will be interesting to see where he ends up.

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