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  • I am new to Football Index having made my first deposit on the 25th February this year. I have invested about £6000 in that time and have currently made a 12% profit with some 10% bonus to come next week. I have a portfolio of 30 players and being new have looked to minimize the risk of losses from poor purchases. Have more time on my hands now and can invest more time in researching purchases and sales. I will probably deposit more monies to take my fund up to approximately £10000. What are your thoughts on subscribing to Index Edge.

  • @NewUser295608 you seem to be doing just fine without it pal 😊👍

  • Thanks for the feedback. Have just read Misto article 'All things football index' which was very informative - saw that you are listed as a Top User. How long have you traded and what is it to you - Hobby, second income or something else.

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