• What has happened to this player. Since I’ve had him he’s done nothing but drop in value.

    Is it worth keeping him or getting rid?

  • @Shorty1986 Werid one old Piatek. AC will be back in Europe next season which will help. He bangs goals in for fun, however right now he isn't best suited for the PB system. He would need a hat trick to win, abit like Mbappé. His game could develop into a better PB if he gets involved in the build put play. His passing stats are low compaired to other top strikes. He is one of the best in the wrold right now for making the best runs for teams and winning second balls, none of that scores him PB points unfortunately.

    He is the right age, in a club moving forward and if he keeps going the way he is, he'll be onto bigger and better things sooner rather than later. A good long term hold, but better value could be found short term. I hold a fair amount and plan to keep for a few more seasons. I don't flip or gamble with holds I mark as long term.

  • @Shorty1986 Long term hold. If AC Milan make it to Champions League, he is their outright No. 1 striker so will rise.

  • @Clover Even if they miss out of UCL, they will get Europa League. Not as good for player profile, but still extra match days for your hold.

    I can see AC Milan losing to Torino tomorrow, their form has gone at a really bad time.

  • I think his price was high when he was at Genoa because people were expecting the transfer. IMO a move to Milan was a little uninspiring. It will now be at least 2 or 3 years before he moves again so your investment is in Milan as much as it is Piatek.

    Milan have been a little unconvincing this season at times and like it or not, Piatek is not yet a big name player at least in England where this platform is based. Your average football fan on the streets of Liverpool or Birmingham will probably never have heard of Piatek

  • Golden gem has dropped to an attractive price, but surely he is not moving anywhere this summer. His price will rise from the beginning of the next season.

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