Copa America

  • Just seen that the Copa America will be being played this summer from June to July.

    Could be a huge investment opportunity, irrespective of there being no dividends, lots of young/established south Americans can make a name for themselves here and push a big move.

    I'm talking about the likes of Pavon,Quintero, Vinicius,Richarlison, Lautaro Martinez and many others who might be under the radar.

    Thought I'd let anyone who wasn't aware know.

  • I will be keeping a close eye on the tournament.

    Hoping Vinicius returns to fitness in time to make the squad. I also hold Lucas Paqueta who could make a statement.l for Brazil.

    Gaston Pereiro of PSV is on the move this summer and could attract interest from some big clubs if he does well for Uruguay.

  • not sure Vini and Richarlison are under the radar LOL

    should be some bargains to be had but the time to buy them is now if not before as the nearer it gets the more the hype and the more known they become.

    Quite a lot of these young south americans arent on the index yet though

  • I'll be keeping a beady eye on squad announcements

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