Emiliano Buendia

  • Shameless pump.
    But this guy is so very exciting to watch, and will be getting his chance among the elite next season.
    Watch the clips and make your own mind up.

  • On it ,picked up 200 2 weeks back , only way is up, easy 1.50 next season.

  • I have the privilege of watching him every week at Norwich, I'd say he is on the brink of being the best player I've ever seen at the club in my years. Will easily make the grade in the PL and could very possibly play in the Europa or Champs league in the future

  • If a you tube clip isn't enough to persuade people nothing will! I also hold him. Probably in top 3 most impressive players Championship this season. Even if Norwich went straight down can see him being a prem player for years.

  • @Andrewm1878 He had a good game again last night and that sees Norwich City in the Premier League, promoted with a highly visionary coach and DoF, watch Carrow Road carefully for young players coming through........

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