Andrew Robertson - advice for a novice.

  • I'm slowly learning about this trading platform. As a case study can anyone tell me why someone like Liverpool's Andrew Robertson is only at 66p. Looks like he's going to take Moreno's place as he's been excellent both in my opinion and the media since making appearances recently.

    With those positive aspects highlighted my novice speculation is that his low price is due to:

    Defensive position
    Not yet certain of regular first place
    Unlikely to be subject of transfer anytime soon

    Yet he does seem lower than similar full backs

    Am I judging value too much on how good a player I think he is when I should focus more on media?


  • It's a tough one.

    Whilst a player might be a very good player it's the interest of traders that drive their price.

    It's possible he'll win the odd PB when playing regularly, which given his share price means % return is good, however, are many traders going to buy him?

    The answer is, probably not, but to balance that, I doubt you'd lose value either.

    I purchased Cresswell at West Ham, who is sitting in my portfolio showing zero movement. I'd say they're comparable-ish.

  • Think the best advice to give is to ignore who 'you' think is a good player.... and to 'play the game'.... Robertson's issues in this game are.... He's a defender, defender's aren't attractive.... He's not a top player at his club, or playing at the top of his game (like he was at Hull), or even getting regular starts for that matter... He plays for Liverpool, so bigger buzz players, Salah, Mane, Firmino, Van Dijk etc will get more attention.... He plays for Scotland who don't do Tournament Football.... There is no Media Speculation on his future, he is settled at his club and it doesn't look like he'll be going anywhere for 1-2 years min.... Now that said, at 0.66 he's a low risk investment and underpriced for the quality of player he is so that could rise to a steady profit... But it depends on the type of investment you want??? (Robertson maybe a better long term option)... I predict just because he'll take Moreno's place won't see him leap up hugely, I also predict due to the many games Liverpool play that the left back slot will still change frequently this season? This means any sort of 'form' will be tricky for Robertson to get into? Not saying don't invest because I believe you can make money out of every player, but what I would say is when investing look for a few things... Do the English newspapers talk about him? Is he in the top 2/3 players at his club? Does he play for a fashionable club? If not is he likely to attract interest from one? Is he under 30? Is he a striker/attacking player that gets goals? If more ticks then crosses then I would invest!!!!

  • @dannypea thanks for your comment and the one above. I think the message is to get out of my 'fantasy football' head and 'play the game' as you say. Really good advice, thanks. This site is a great idea. Who hasn't wondered if they're wasting their life reading dumb transfer rumours we have a valid reason!

  • haha, I used to 'hate' the endless transfer speculation in the tabloids... Now it's my friend as I can make money from it thanks to FI!!!! Plenty of other tips but once you know how the game plays (only time can teach you that) gut instinct will always be key! invest in who you believe in and as long as (like any trader) you can buy low enough and sell high enough you'll always make it count!!!

  • @ACBlue I've had some novice luck! He's gone up 10% since I bought him. Thanks for the advice. Reckon he can get to a quid

  • He looks good value if he keeps his place when Moreno comes back. Big if though - might find out today isn't Moreno returning ? What sort of PB numbers has he been returning ?

  • @mike778 that is a big if...I'm a Liverpool fan so I've seen all of Robertsons games. He has been tireless in defending and also whips in excellent crosses. He doesn't have Moreno's occasional attacking bursts but more importantly he's a much better defender. Moreno is back in training and to be fair he has done really well to come back into the side after milner taking his place most of last season which must hurt moral considering it's not milners best role. It will be a big signifier to see who gets the nod against city. I don't actually know where to find Moreno's pb figures. I've found a table with all previous pb winners. Is that where you mean?

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