Short term PB opportunities (next 2 weeks)

  • Evening chaps.

    I know we have loads of new users to the platform, and this is probably pretty obvious to the old dogs, but in the next 2 weeks, I see decent opportunities for money to be made from players with the following teams.

    Valencia -
    Game tomorrow at 11am, so kick off is prior to the 2pm deadline for PB purchases. Further to this, Valencia have 2 European games coming up, where there is only one other eligible game for treble PB.

    Monaco -
    They are away to Rennes on Wednesday 1st May. There is only one other game on this date. Liverpool V Barca. Yeah, it's a bit of a cheat, but the Monaco game will also be eligible for treble PB.

    Loads of cheap players with both teams. Best of luck.

  • Also Tuesday, Montpelier home to PSG, along with Tottenham -v- Ajax the only eligible games for triple PB.

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