Callum Wilson

  • What do people think of Callum Wilson? Can see him doing well with mb. Reckon he could rise quite a bit in price.

  • @Pacer

    He will never do well with MB at Bournemouth.

    I can pretty much promise you that.

  • I thought he would. English international and I'm sure he will go to a bigger club in the summer.

  • I almost bought 100 of him this morning but went with Sancho instead. Of course he gets 2 goals and an assist! D'oh!

    On another note, his nowhere on the PB list?! It is a weird system!

  • @johnboywalker well he did in January due to Chelsea links. Why not more links in summer?

  • @Pacer

    Yeah if he gets transfer speculation, you might get him in the MB top 5 over Summer.

    The issue is, I don't expect there will be Chelsea links this time due to the transfer embargo.

    I also expect there will be so much transfer speculation over the summer that he might get dwarfed by bigger name players possibly moving to the Premier League.

    But you are right, I probably was a little quick to dismiss your suggestion.

  • I think he’s a really good buy. Will definitely attract interest over the summer and I can’t see him staying at Bournmouth, plus England games he’s sure to rise!

  • He's had two new knees in the last couple of years and missed a chunk of this season getting one of his knees 'cleaned out'. Cant see anyone taking a chance on him at the price Bournemouth want

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