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  • Hi guys, I'm a new starter to this Football Index. Just wanted to try and gather some tips as well as introduce myself.

    I've only invested £100 in so far and going to see how it goes. I normally put bets on every weekend but realised it's a guessing game. I thought instead put money into this every month and get some decent returns. Having looked on the forums already I've just got a mix of players. Probably joined at the wrong time with the transfer window, all the rumours are flying around and obviously fluctuating prices but got a mix of prospects, current stars etc. obviously not for a massive amount of money.

    Any tips would be great!

  • I started a few months back in profit by 10% i started with £40 then went to 1k then 4k now back to a 3.1k investment. Which im about £300 up on however If i was to sell up id probably not be in so much profit after the fees to sell 2% and spread.

    I make mistakes and still learning.

    I noticed sińce being on here my other gambling spend has gone down.

    My tip would be to read these posts and see the YouTube videos made on FI The Fig has some good guides on there with the only critisism being his small budget he works off and that he flips too often for large growth however for a player with a small budget It gives Good views and the guy is genuine or so It seems theres allso football index scout videos on there, and if You put everyones help together and tweek It to fit your own desires you can be far out.

    Keep your investment small and maybe If You fancy a bet put the money in here instead like a footie ISA unlike betting here You only lose your bet when You cash It out. Once You have a system put in more when confidant.

    Good luck and welcome


  • @Yellowlittle read the forums here. A lot of it depends on what your strategy is going to be dividends or growth etc. What rate of return you want per month. I have been tracking MB and PB scores for 2 months and have invested based on who I think will win dividends for the right price. Happy to share my insight but can't guarantee you'll make money. Served me well so far for 1-2% return a month

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