Jordan Storey - Great Prospect

  • Jordan Storey is a 21 year old English central defender for Preston.

    Jordan signed for Exeter in 2016 and was something like 7th choice in his position. Exeter loaned him to several clubs over 2 seasons before being forced to rely on the young man near the end of the 2017-2018 season through a spurt of injuries. Jordan cemented his place in the promotion hunting Exeter and remained an important player, keeping out experienced players and he help them to the League 2 playoff finals. Despite the loss at Wemley, Jordan shone and Preston came calling.

    Preston paid £500,000 for Jordan a great prospect for the future. Preston had a poor start to the 2018-2019 Championship season and through poor performances and injuries Jordan got his chance again. He has helped them climb from the bottom of the league to just outside the playoffs. Jordan has been an ever present since his debut, in a very difficult league. At the age of 21 playing central defender, this is a great achievement.

    Jordan Storey has just won Preston Young Player Of The Year.

    I have just topped up on Jordan, I advise you do the same. Future Premier League player.

  • He cost 750k. Just 10% of the mighty grecians transfer income since 2014 thanks to our amazing academy. Up the city. As a season ticket holder i watched every game he played last year and he was something else

  • The Exeter Ferdinand. Just read an article on him. Is he that good? Where will he be next season do you think?

  • I dont want to piss on this blatant pump thread but i think he will have another year at preston. Happy to have any preston fans tell me otherwise though

  • @NewUser297678 Hopefully he will as though it's not the best for FI it's best for his development and he will be better for it. He will be a prem player within 3 years.

  • @Tikka-Mo-Salah i agree

  • @NewUser297678 It does look like a pump to be fair but I'm only trying to give what I feel is good advice.

    For the record I have shares in JS which I topped up on like I said, I 'm just giving my opinion as if it's worth anything.

  • Isn’t Ben Godfrey the new Rio Ferdinand?

  • @Chris-J said in Jordan Storey - Great Prospect:

    Isn’t Ben Godfrey the new Rio Ferdinand?

    I own him too so 1 of them making it will be great.

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