• What are people's thoughts on Martial at the moment?

    I'm currently down approx £45 on him and this is after I was making a decent profit on him. Clearly I've missed the opportunity to sell at a profit (in the short term at least) - but should I just cut my losses or wait for hopefully a big uptick in form? Even if this were to be the case would he get to the levels he was before?

    Regardless, this type of rise probably wouldn't happen until next season depending on who Utd sign and what kind of form they're in as a team. Seems like a lot of 'ifs' at the moment when it comes to hoping he will return to his original price and I can make a bit of profit (or at least not a heavy loss).

  • I’m in a very similar position and i’ll be holding for sure. United definitely need a clear out and to bring in some more quality, if you can pick out the players that will survive that cull then they will be pretty good value atm. Rashford and Martial are the two that standout for me, very good players in a poor team, both still young with plenty of time to prove themselves.

  • @chaka-khan sell If you can see someone who will make you the money back. It's dead money over the summer I think. If he is part of United's plans next year get back in then. He was considerably higher when united were playing well

  • @chaka-khan - great profile name.

    I feel for you. I was in the same boat last Sunday and decided to keep despite the price drop. However, when CHO got injured last week I needed to free up some funds as I wanted to get on Pulisic. So I instant sold for £1.80 and bought 300 Pulisic with the proceeds who is now up 10p per share. If you think the money is better off elsewhere then consider it.

    Might be worth waiting to see how the United v Chelsea game goes later however.

  • @chaka-khan If he can't get into a poor utd team there ain't much chance him playing after a few transfers coming in. Looked decent a while ago but now not a chance if Wenger was at arsenal now rekon he would b snapping him up

  • @chaka-khan tough one for you because I think you see players around doing well and think your money is stagnating. It's easy to sell in this instance and in some cases you should.

    From my point of view, having not owned martial before, I now see an opportunity. I've made most of my money on here buying low and selling high and think martial is about as low as he can go as a player of his quality playing for man utd (the main media club on FI). I may be wrong but I've bought some anyway and I think he'll be back once he regains a bit of confidence. Just needs a goal or two. Hopefully against Chelsea today!

  • I was in the same position, down 80p, playing poorly, no sign of upturn. Instant sold him bought Skov as he was starting to rise and made more than I lost. Always other positive options.

  • @chaka-khan.. I have him as well and he is in my hold pile.. Going to top up on him in early August and expect him to go into profit in September or October once united get a run of good results.. This game is about patience when things go wrong so just park him up and move on as he will do well in the long run

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