Proper Newbie Imo question

  • Hi all,

    I tried to buy lots of Pellegri this morning. I managed to get 100 before the price went totally tonto - but when I tried to buy another 100 it stopped me doing so. I kept trying for a few minutes but gave up as work (the boss) called. Quick Q, is it possible to buy multiple 100s of the same player about 1 minute (or so) apart. I have tried to find the answer in FAQ but there isn't an obvious answer.

    Thanks all

  • As long as you've got enough cash you should've able to buy 100 after 100 after 100 if you want.

  • What price did You get him at out Of interest and was you using a computer or i iPhone app?

  • @fellatthelast sometimes the price is rising so fast you get priced out as you said by 100 at £50 by time you click confirm it's £100 and you only have £80 in bank say

  • I think it must have been some sort of glitch. I was furiously pushing buy buy buy as fast as I could so I think I maxed (or confused ) the system. Maybe the first transaction hadn't registered by the time the second one was done? Either way, I'm happy, learning and enjoying the experience. Some platform improvements wouldn't go amiss though!

    Thanks to all for your help and suggestions

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