Next weeks market

  • How does everyone expect the market to react next week? More investment tomorrow and Tuesday to max bonus on Wednesday? Sell off on Wednesday once bonus is credited? Or more investment Wednesday to maximise 2nd bonus...decisions

  • Judging by how it’s gone up 500+ points the last 24 hours I reckon it will fly again on the 1st

    People getting in now before prices jump again with a big deposit bonus jump in

  • Banned

    I think it will stay quite static.

    I think some people will lump in for the second part of the bonus, especially big players who can put in the 40k.
    I think most will reinvest bonus for compound reasons.
    I think some will sell up and pull out.
    I think quite a few will sell up when transfers happen and they have made their profit margins, ready to reinvest for the next season.

    Small rises, not massive and probably won't drop, because FI have been quite clever in how they have done it to keep money in and flowing over the summer period.

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