James Maddison

  • I bought into him quite heavily a month or so ago having seen him play and also his PB scores. Young and English, must be on the fringes of the England squad.

    Currently on 112 pb at half time, no goals or assists and his team isn’t even winning which is impressive, dominates set plays and shoots regularly which all helps. For me he ticks almost every box in an FI asset, and I can see his price rising quite a bit.

    I know there are a few Leicester fans on here, just how good is he? Do you see a potential transfer over the summer/next January or do you think he’ll stay and play under Rodgers where he seems a perfect fit as far as FI goes?

  • His game certainly does seem to fit the matrix. That and he is young and English so who knows how far he can rise over the next year?

    Reckon next summer (not this one) there'll be some big big clubs after him too.

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