£1000 what to do??

  • Having joined in Feb 19 and enjoyed what I've seen so far I'm looking to make my first substantial investment and take advantage of the current bonus.

    My portfoilio is fairly diverse at present with 30 players in total including the likes of Pogba, Sancho, Sterling who I have small holdings in (12 futures and below) to Daniel James, El Ghazi & Odiriozola who I have larger holdings in (30 to 50 futures in).

    My thoughts at present are to top up on my better performing holds such as Dan James and Sterling whilst adding a couple more of the higher end players who I don't currently hold (Kane, Bale, Coutnhio) and a couple of the more mid range (Brooks and Odegaard).

    Any advice and pointers would be appreciated.

  • Maddison is great for FI, probably transfer speculation, Pulgar and Orsolini from Bologna also good scorers and cheap, Coutinho could get a fair bit of transfer speculation too.
    Robert Skov should get a lot of transfer speculation too, scored and assisted again today, Spurs among others interested.

  • I would definitely top up James, he’s on his way to the prem this summer.
    I’d also recommend havertz and Bowen. And I’d say an obvious one in neymar I expect the summer will really rumble on this year with him and really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s played his last game in France.

  • im a big fan of brooks - but yeh, topping up what you already have seems like a good mix.

  • Brooks and Fraser are two good holds imo. Skov obviously as well. Personally think Foden will continue to rise

  • Go to the pub with it.Then maybe a week in Portugal on the Super Bok

  • @Kevin-D dan james top up - should see a big rise over the next few weeks. Foden, Skov, Harvetz, M Llorente maybe?? good luck

  • Take a big deep breath on Weds when part 1 of the Bonus ends

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