Real Madrid Spending?

  • So it seems Morata is on his way and Danilo might be following him to the prem, these transfers are topping up the bank nicely! Real will have some money to play with....... who are they going to go for? Back in for Mbappe? Guess they need back up for Benzema anyway

  • @FI_Tom
    One of the reasons why hazard is too risky to own in my book.

  • Reckon there's a chance he'll go this summer? Definitely in the Galactico category

  • Impossible to guess really. But Madrid seem to want him and they usually get their man.

    I just don't see it being worth the risk at the moment - I can't be on the index all the times so there's a good chance that by the time I get to react to this kind of thing its too late.

    Midfield is still the worst position for PB as well.

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