Mahrez - on the move?

  • Growing frustrated with lack of game time, and with Sane and Foden waiting in the wings, Mahrez is likely to make a move this summer. At 71p seems ridiculously cheap (for a £60m player!). If he moves to a EPL team this will surely treble...? Grateful for thoughts

  • I hold so I'm hoping. It's a difficult one as he could very likely stay but the price is attractive for some movement if there is some news regarding a move.

  • It’s an interesting one - was one of the best players in the league for 2 seasons and now warming the bench at City.

    I held at the start of the season as he started pretty well but he clearly isn’t enjoying the transition from first on the team sheet (at Leicester) to bench warmer.

    Definitely looks underpriced but would need to be starting every game to justify a higher price - probably the biggest sufferer of Guardiolas rotation.

    I can’t see City selling at a major loss or selling to a PL rival so a move abroad would be most likely which could see some gains but would stagnate his value further (long term).

  • A move to China could be costly...

  • @Chris-J yes I agree with you. For me he’s a very low risk investment with either moderate growth potential (if he stays and has another in & out season), or big growth potential (if he starts more for City or gets the transfer...)

  • I see he’s on the rise! Inevitable at that price

  • Is that just due to volume of money?
    He was guaranteed game time and hero status at Leicester!
    He moved for the money, he gets that while he’s on the bench. Who’s going to match his wages?

    I’d love him to move as holding, but I don’t think he will

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